Blog #36: Things That Annoy Me, and Things That Don’t…and Transformers, Too

Nothing of any great importance this week, so I’m going to do things that annoy me, and things that don’t…and Transformers, too.  I think I’ll do it in reverse order though, so if you don’t want to read about what annoys me this week, then you don’t have to.  Frankly, I wouldn’t blame you.  Topics will be:

Transformers Artifact of the Week

The Jets Suck
The Patriots Rule
The Red Sox Might Be Moving in the Right Direction

Ultraviolet Digital Copy Sucks
Justin Verlander Shouldn’t Have Won the MVP Award

Transformers Artifact of the Week

Here is a newer item this week, a 2009 Optimus Prime USB speaker.  This is a very cool item, but even cooler, there was a full size body to go along with it!  Sadly, I don’t have the body.  You can find this and 7000 other items at

Things That Don’t Annoy Me  (In fact, the make me really happy.)

1. The Jets losing to the Broncos.  That was beautiful.  Even better, Rex Ryan being fined $75,000 for swearing at a fan who had done nothing but point out the obvious truth that he is not as good a coach as Bill Belichick.  Was this ever in question?  Belichick has three Super Bowls, a perfect 16-0 regular season, and is a perennial power in the AFC.  The Jets have a loud mouth coach that keeps making promises he can’t keep.  I think he’s the biggest liability on this team.  He has them believing they are as good as he says they are, and the problem is, they just aren’t.  Motivation is one thing, but cockiness is another.

2. Last week the Patriots defense played the way we’ve been waiting for them to play all year.  If that continues, I’m not sure how you can pick against them for the top seed in the AFC.  If they win tonight, there will be four teams with a 7-3 record (but two in the same division).  But the Patriots have the easiest schedule of any team in the NFL for the remainder of the season.  They can absolutely go 13-3, something I don’t think the Texans with Leinart can do, and the Steelers and Ravens each have tough schedules (Ravens have the 49ers and the Chargers on the road and the Steelers have the 49ers and another game against a tough Bengals team).  I think the Pats are ready to start their march toward the Super Bowl.  I don’t think the Packers will be undefeated when they get to the Super Bowl, but if they are, I can’t wait for the Patriots to beat them.

3.  When it was announced that Terry Francona was leaving, the first name that came to mind to replace him was Bobby Valentine.  I really don’t like Valentine.  When he’s on ESPN, I think he’s a bit full of himself.  But, if it’s true that the 2011 Red Sox lacked discipline (which I’m not sure was really true) then he might be the guy to get things back on track.  It was reported that they were meeting on Monday.  According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, Valentine is supposedly the preferred candidate of Larry Lucchino and that Valentine wants to manage again.  If that’s the case, and Dale Svuem, as has been reported, was never offered the job at all, I think there is an excellent chance we’ll see Valentine.  A step in the right direction I hope.

Things That Annoy Me (A Lot)

1. This one is slightly more than annoying.  You may have noticed that some new Blu-Rays are coming with an Ultra Violet “Digital Copy”.  I’m putting that in quotes because it is not true.  It is a fraud, and I really hope someone sues over this false advertising.  In fact, there is no digital copy.  You need to stream the movie via Flixster.  So, essentially, not only can’t it be used in iTunes, but if you have no Wi-Fi connection, you can’t watch the movie on a portable device.  Now, you are allowed a downloadable copy that is completely incompatible with iTunes, however, it is not even available yet.  I’ve purchased two movies that have come with this UVDC, Green Lantern and Deathly Hallows, Part II.  My Flixster account says the download will be available on (I think) December 20th for one of them, don’t recall about the other.  So, even if you assume this fairly useless incompatible file is the Digital Copy you’ve paid for, you can’t even get that when you buy the movie.  In short, it’s scam.  Thankfully, you can always rip the DVD.

2. Justin Verlander did not deserve to be MVP this year.  He was good and was the run away winner of the CY Young Award, but Jacoby Ellsbury had a true MVP season.  Simply, if Pedro Martinez wasn’t the MVP in 1999, then Verlander isn’t in 2011.  Pedro had a higher win percentage, strikeout to 9 inning ratio, and strikeout to walk ratio than Verlander.  Pedro allowed fewer hits, runs, Earned Runs, and walks than Verlander.  Pedro allowed seventeen fewer home runs (9 to 24) and struck out 63 more batters.  Pedro did pitch 213.1 innings to Verlander’s 250, but he also struck out 313 to Verlader’s 250 in 38 fewer innings.  Record wise, Verlander was 25-4 while Pedra was 23-3.  Everyone knows that the reason Pedro didn’t win the MVP was that sport writers George King and LaVelle Neal left him completely off their ballots because they didn’t think a pitcher should win the award.  This is why sports writers should not be voting on these awards.  It needs to be an impartial committee who will look at everything and not be biased by irrelevant biases.  We all know that Ellsbury didn’t win this year because of the Red Sox collapse.  Well, that wasn’t Ellsbury’s fault.  As far as I know, he had a great September.  It’s everyone else who didn’t.  That wasn’t his fault.  Can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but it sucks.

Thanks for reading!

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