Blog #2377: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series: Rise of the Beasts: Leader Class Scourge

Transformers: Studio Series: Rise of the Beasts: Leader Class Scourge


Vehicle Mode: Scourge’s vehicle mode is awesome. He looks just amazing. I love the colors and paint apps. He supposedly has paint that reacts under black light, but I don’t have a black light. His smoke stacks don’t lock in place and are very easily moved out of position, which is my only real complaint. The near side smokestack wouldn’t clip in place right, and is a bit tilted out in the photo, but I figured out why after I took the pics. His arm was not perfectly aligned behind it, so that does clip in properly.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Scourge is a masterpiece. I love his big claw, and his sword is attached on a bar to his arm and flips up into his hand, you can’t completely remove it, only fold it back behind his arm. His claw arm is removable and he has a cannon attachment. They painted the chains wrapped around his grill, which looks fantastic. In robot mode he maybe could have used a bit more color.

Overall: Scourge is one of my favorite toys of the year. I can totally see him being voiced by Peter Dinklage. I am way more excited about the movie after getting Scourge than I was before. I cannot recommend Scourge enough.

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