Blog #2300: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Tenseg Base Optimus Prime Set

Transformers Masterpiece Tenseg Base Optimus Prime Set

Optimus Prime

Previous Mold Use: Siege Leader Class Ultra Magnus, Siege Leader Class Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime, Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy Leader Class Ultra Magnus, Kingdom Leader Class Ultra Magnus, Premium Finish Leader Class Ultra Magnus, Shattered Glass Leader Class Ultra Magnus

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is not a Masterpiece toy. For reasons known only to Hasbro, they decided to put this in a Masterpiece Box for the US release. This Optimus Prime is in fact a repaint of the Kingdom Ultra Magnus cab. It looks great as Optimus Prime, though we are used to Optimus Prime looking a bit more slender.

Tenseg Base

The Tenseg Base is fairly simple. A clear plastic bottom disk with an upwards facing hook, and a gray plastic disk with a downward facing hook. They are connected by four strands of plastic string, kind of like fishing line. Three connect the two disks, and one connect the points of the two hooks pulling against the other three, which is how it holds together. The effect is that it looks like the upper gray platform is floating. It also comes with some attachments that can plug into it to hold toys in various positions. I am a bit dubious of putting too much weight on it. It seems to hold this Optimus Prime, no problem, but I don’t think I would put a Masterpiece Optimus Prime on it. It’s probably stronger than it looks, but I’m not sure how much I trust it. It was kind of a pain to assemble. It comes with one big piece of wire that you have to cut to assemble it, and of course, the measurements are all in metric.

Overall: The base is kind of cool, but nothing to write home about. If you want one and don’t want the Optimus Prime, it’s supposed to be available separately in Autobot Red and Decepticon Purple. I ordered mine from my comic store a while ago, but they still haven’t come in. The Optimus Prime is pretty cool, but I’d hardly call him a must have.

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