Blog #2299: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Class Pointblank with Peacemaker

Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Class Pointblank with Peacemaker


I can’t believe it. Have I entered an alternate reality where Hasbro strives for more than bare minimum competence? Have they actually included a Targetmaster weapon with a toy that is supposed to have one in a retail release? It’s a miracle. Peacemaker is perfect. Two joints and a few paint apps is all he needs. The more complicated Targetmasters are cool, but I like the minimal G1 approach.


Vehicle Mode: Pointblank is meant to look like his cartoon incarnation, so he is quite a bit different from his toy version. I would have liked a toy accurate version, but he does look fantastic.

Robot Mode: Pointblank looks great in robot mode. I really like his head sculpt. I would have preferred he have an opaque cockpit like the G1 toy.

Overall: Pointblank is an absolute must have.

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