Blog #2262: Toy Review: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: Cyberverse Smash Changers Optimus Prime

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: Cyberverse Smash Changers Optimus Prime

Some, if not all, of the Rise of the Beasts kids toys are being released in Cyberverse packaging. Not sure how many there are, as there has been very little revealed officially.

Optimus Prime

I am really impressed with Smash Changers Optimus Prime. His vehicle mode has great paint apps, and no robot parts showing. That almost never happens for these gimmick toys. In robot mode he his just as great. The only issue with his robot mode is the vehicle mode parts covering the front of his hands. If that flap just flipped over onto his forearm it would be way better. Still great overall. As far as the Smash Changer gimmick, you have to partially transform him before you can use the gimmick, so that’s pretty stupid, but it does make him a better toy overall, so I have to give it to Hasbro in this case for putting the gimmick second to the look of the toy.

Overall: We really know very little about the Rise of the Beasts line. A lot of toy listings have been found in retailer computers and other sources, but Hasbro has said very little. I assume we’re going to get a detailed list of toys at Toyfare. I have to recommend Optimus Prime, even though he is a kids gimmick toy, he is very cool.

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