Blog #2238: Toy Review: Micro Machines Transformers Optimus Prime Playset with Tracks

Micro Machines Transformers Optimus Prime Playset with Tracks

Jazwares has resurrected the Micro Machines brand under license from Hasbro. Walmart does not even seem to carry the brand at all, I only see them at Target.


Awesome beyond words is the only comment I have on Tracks. Give us more G1 Micro Machines. I want them all, every one of them.

Optimus Prime Playset

Vehicle Mode: Optimus Prime looks awesome. The cab is perfectly painted, while the trailer is great, but his flip out supports should be blue. They of course gave him short smokestacks.

Playset Mode: His playset mode is far less detailed than the Bumblebee Playset, but it has the advantage of all the pieces fitting inside the trailer in vehicle mode.

There is one interesting thing on the back of his package. Two other Micro Machines are shown. One is a police car, probably Prowl, but the colors aren’t right. The other is very strange. It kind of looks like Generations (2011) Kup, but Kup doesn’t have the flames on the side. Also looks like G2 Turbofire, but the flames are on his sides rather than his hood and he does not have the visible engine.


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