Transformers: Studio Series Core Class Wave 2 (Exo-Suit Spike Witwicky)

Exo-Suit Spike Witwicky

Spike is pretty cool. He looks great in robot mode, and his arms can be transformed to be blasters as Daniel did in the movie. His head can be moved side to side with a slide on his back. His vehicle mode is pretty good but his head cannot rotate up so he is looking forward, which kind of ruins the look, as he is left looking straight into the ground. To make matters worse, there is this:

Spike has an enormous hole in the back of his head. What the fuck. This is just stupid. They couldn’t afford a tiny bit more plastic to give him an actual head? This also make me wonder if the back of his helmet was meant to be painted so that when he’s in vehicle mode you don’t see him looking into the ground.

Overall: Spike is pretty cool, but I can’t stop being pissed off about the hole in the back of his head.

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