Blog #2204: My Dairycon 2022 Exclusive Toy Reviews

My Dairycon 2022 Exclusive Toy Reviews

Alas, another year without a Dairycon for me. Hopefully next year.




The Moo

Before time began, there was… The Moo. Read about The Moo in DairyCon 2050 on





Armor 3

Armor 3 is expertly repainted from Power of the Primes Battle Master Landmine. I love the colors, he really looks great. The box is very reminiscent of the boxes the Japanese exclusive Headmaster heads came in, albeit a little bit bigger. He is based on Armor-3, an Armor Class carrier from Robotech. I don’t know anything about Robotech, but I imagine they share a color scheme. You can read more about Armor 3 at

H.A.M. (Human Articulate Mecha) / Two-Fer

H.A.M. and Two-Fer are the same toy, two sides of the same coin. One has to wonder, are they separate personalities sharing a body like Marc Spector and Steven Grant, armies of H.A.M.s and Two-Fers at war with each other, unknowingly sharing the same bodies? It’s possible. H.A.M. has no alternate mode. He is the robot with the black chest. Two-Fer’s chest in white. H.A.M. and Two-Fer were created using dark magic (glue) and parts from a variety of toys. They come with a number of cool accessories. One that he does not come with is the cape, which was planned, but ultimately canceled. Only a prototype exists. H.A.M.’s cape was called Cheese (Ham and Cheese). Two-Fer’s Cape was called One (Two-Fer-One). (I came up with the cape names and I regret nothing.) You can read more about H.A.M. and Two-Fer at

Headmaster Scott

Headmaster Scott is an Opticlops. I have no idea what that is, but it must be incredibly cool, because Headmaster Scott is awesome. You can read more about Headmaster Scott at

Hover 2

Hover 2 is awesome in every way. His packaging is itself a work of art better than anything hanging in The Louvre. It is incredibly perfect, front and back, looking just enough like the old Robotech packaging to not get sued. The bubble is not sealed to the card, it’s taped down, meaning you can remove him from the packaging by just cutting one strip of tape and seal him back inside with another strip of tape. The process that created Hover 2 is a secret that is so mysterious, after having it explained to me multiple times, I still have no idea. Clearly some alien technology was at work. The distressed paint gives him a weathered look. He also has a different transformation than Warpath. You can read more about Hover 2 at

Roy Foalker

Continuing the Dairycon tradition of repainting My Little Pony’s into exclusives, we have Roy Foalker. Makes me think we should have the same toy repainted as Jetfire down the road. He comes with his own display stand, and looks phenomenal. You can read more about Roy Foalker at

Staff Appreciation Exclusive Optimus Fry

I am speechless. Optimus Fry comes in a mini Happy Meal Box. He’s more than meets the eye, he’s a potato in disguise! His Tech Spec is awesome. I love the last step of his transformation, “Salt to taste.” The toy itself is repainted from a McDonald’s Food Changeable. I love the smiling Autobot logo on his chest. The Optimus Prime head looks like it’s form a Bot Shots Optimus Prime, but I’m not 100% sure.

“Megatron must be mashed…not matter the cost.” – Optimus Fry, Transformers: The Kitchen

Well, that about does it. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to go to Dairycon next year. (Yes, that’s the same last line from last year.)

Thanks for reading!


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