Blog #2192: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy Leader Class Laser Optimus Prime

Transformers: Legacy Leader Class Laser Optimus Prime

Laser Optimus Prime

Vehicle Mode: Optimus Prime looks amazing in vehicle mode. I kind of wish his trailer had the art of the original on the sides, but that would probably be asking for too much. It does have a lot of great molded detail though. His colors are great.

His base mode lacks everything that made the original awesome. More on that later.

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime looks fantastic in robot mode. I love the head sculpt, I love the matrix, and how he can actually hold it without making it oversized or adding extra pegs or handles. I wish he had a better gun, that little round dual barrel gun is pretty pathetic, but other than that he’s awesome.

Overall: There is a reality that has to be accepted to enjoy this toy. Hasbro doesn’t make toys with spring loaded missiles anymore. Hasbro doesn’t make cool disc launchers anymore. Hasbro doesn’t make awesome air fired missiles anymore. Hasbro rarely make toys with lights anymore. Hasbro doesn’t make many big toys anymore. To make this toy correctly, it needed to a Commander Class toy, and it needed all the aforementioned awesome stuff that they just don’t do anymore. It was IMPOSSIBLE for this toy to live up to the original. Is it a good toy? It’s a great toy! It’s just not up to the unreachable standards of the original. I would love it if they did a Masterpiece Laser Optimus Prime with all the firing missiles and everything else, but short of that, this is the best we’re going to get. You can’t recreate one of the best, if not the best, Transformer of the 1990s released in the USA with the current state of toys today. It’s sad but true. This is a great toy, and I highly recommend it, but you have to temper your expectations by today’s way of doing things, or you will be disappointed.

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