Blog #2068: Toy Review: Transformers: Kingdom: Leader Class Ultra Magnus

Transformers: Kingdom: Leader Class Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus

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Kingdom Ultra Magnus has finally given us an Earth mode G1 style Ultra Magnus. The original Siege version vehicle mode was based on the Robots in Disguise/Car Robots design. They have done a pretty great job remolding him. His missile’s have been replaced which ones that look much more like the G1, and he now has a Earth-style cab. However, in an effort to make him look more like an Earth mode car carrier, they have made his vehicle mode longer so it looks like a cab and trailer even though they are one solid piece. This also made his vehicle mode longer, which has exposed his robot hands sticking ridiculously out the back of his cab. His robot mode forearms stow inside the trailer. I wonder if they could have made those cover his arms. It would have probably meant remolding them, but it would have looked much better. In robot mode they have remolded his chest and shoulders making him look much more G1.

Overall: Ultra Magnus is a really good toy, but I think they needed to do a little more work on him. It’s typical of Hasbro to half ass it.

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  1. Marcus’s father says:

    Looks like we haven’t seen the last of him.. The epitome of being vapid.

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