Blog #1926: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Deluxe Class Leadfoot


Transformers: Studio Series Deluxe Class Leadfoot


Steeljaw’s name does not appear on the package anywhere. You would think it would be impossible to be so incompetent as to not put a character’s name on the box he comes in, but they have been doing it for years, so why stop now?


(Left to Right: Studio Series Deluxe Class, Unreleased Hasbro Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class, Takara Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class)

Vehicle Mode: Read my review of both versions of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Leadfoot for some background on those releases. It’s taken eleven years to finally get a Deluxe Class Leadfoot released in the USA. He looks pretty good in vehicle mode, though I can’t say he’s better than the previous version, though he has a better paintjob.

(Left to Right: Studio Series Deluxe Class, Unreleased Hasbro Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class, Takara Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class)

Robot Mode: (Yes, I am aware that the Takara Leadfoot pictured is mistransformed.) In robot mode, I like Studio Series Leadfoot quite a bit more than the old mold. The original is just really not well proportioned. You’ll note the photo of him with his weapons has the arms out to his sides. This was for a reason.

The small triple rockets that plug into the sides of his chest, do not stay in well at all. If you fold his arms down they will pop out. It’s too bad that a good toy has such an obvious design/molding problem.

Overall: Leadfoot is a good toy, not a great one, but we’ve never gotten a Deluxe in the USA before, so he’s probably a must for Transformers movie fans. Having said that, I am disappointed. I would have liked to have a deluxe class non weaponized version since there has never been one. I am hoping that sometime down the road, maybe next year for the tenth anniversary of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, we’ll get the non weaponized versions.

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