Blog #1842: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse One Step Changers Wave 7 (Whirlwind Slash Bludgeon, Turbo Talon Whirl)

Transformers: Cyberverse One Step Changers Wave 7 (Whirlwind Slash Bludgeon, Turbo Talon Whirl)

Whirlwind Slash Bludgeon

Bludgeon looks awesome in tank mode. His colors and paint apps are fantastic. His robot mode is amazing…except for one unfortunate thing. His face. That open mouth looks ridiculous. Other than that, he’s fantastic, even being a One Step Changer, he’s a great toy. He even has a sword. I can’t think of another One Step Changer that had an accessory. All they had to do was get his face right. It’s a real shame.

Turbo Talon Whirl

As is the case with many if not most One Step Changers, Whirl transforms in more than one step. His feet and claw need to be separately transformed. Other than that, he’s perfect. He looks great in helicopter mode. I love the cannon. In robot mode there is no question they relied heavily on G1 Whirl for his design. He’s one of my favorite One Step Changers ever.

Overall: This wave has apparently been out for a while, but I’ve had no luck finding it. I actually found Wave 8 this past weekend that includes Bludgeon. Just by luck I found Whirl at a Walgreens. I rarely find new regular retail toys there as they usually get them much later than Target. Even with Bludgeon’s face, these are two awesome toys, and since we may not get any larger toys of them, I highly recommended them.

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