Blog #1835: Toy Review: Transformers: World’s Smallest Transformers (2019)

Transformers: World’s Smallest Transformers (2019)

The World’s Smallest Transformers was a really awesome line made by Takara in the early-mid 2000’s. It consisted of tiny versions of G1 toys. Unfortunately, those aren’t what I’ reviewing.

The name World’s Smallest Transformers has been reused for a line of tiny decoy-like Transformers figures. At first glance, one may think these are the same as the figures found at Dollar Tree not long ago. They do bare a striking resemblance to them. They have the same odd open hands and Starscream has the same silver head. However, these are not the same figures. The Dollar Tree figures were made by Monogram International, the same company that made the 3-Pack Bag Clip set from SDCC last year. The World’s Smallest Transformers are made by a company called Super Impulse.

The World’s Smallest Transformers are much smaller and come on a little plastic backer card with a door on the back so it can be taken out of the package and put back without damage. However, this comes packed in a plastic package that is not resalable, so I’ve left mine in the package. The set of 3 cost me $23. If they get cheaper than that I might by another set, but they are pretty expensive for what they are.

I’ve included a comparison picture of Starscream with the Dollar Store version. If these were $4 or even $5 each, I would be fine with them, but the retail is supposed to be $8-$10. That’s way too much. I am not expecting a second series to materialize, and I think we’ll see these on deep discount sooner rather than later.

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