Blog #1833: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Micromasters Wave 1 (Hot Rod Patrol, Military Patrol)

Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Micromasters Wave 1 (Hot Rod Patrol, Military Patrol)

Hot Rod Patrol


Daddy-O, previously known as Big Daddy, is pretty cool in vehicle mode. What is kind of amazing is that they actually painted all his windows! In robot mode a few more orange paint apps would have been nice. I know the tall arms are accurate to the G1, but I wish they folded down. He is very poorly designed as he can’t stand up on his own very well.


Trip-Up also has all his windows painted. Could we be seeing a turning point in Hasbro’s half-assed paintjobs? I doubt it, but I’ll take what I can get. His vehicle mode looks great. Trip-Up is fine in robot mode, but again, I don’t like the tall arms, though they are accurate to the G1. He is also very poorly designed as he can’t stand up on his own very well.

Hot Rod Patrol Weapon Mode

I am not a fan of the Hot Rod Patrol weapon mode. If they are going to have their feet be the barrels of the gun, then they need some kind of flip out tip that makes it actually look like a gun.

Military Patrol


Previous Mold Use: Siege Micromaster Topshot, Siege Micromaster Red Heat, Siege Micromaster Wheel Blaze, Siege Micromaster Fireline

Bombshock is supposed to be a remold of Topshot, but the only part that they seem to have in common is the bar that connects his arms to his body. Other than that, they appear to be completely different toys. However, in robot mode, he does have two parts sticking off the backs of his legs that is also present on Topshot. You can see them sticking out in gun mode below. Bombshock is absolutely awesome in both modes, maybe my favorite Micromaster yet. His tank mode is awesome. Tanks don’t need a lot of paint apps. The silver treads look great. In robot mode he looks fantastic. I love the head sculpt. I just wish his gun could detach and mount of his arm. That would have been cool.


Previous Mold Use: Siege Micromaster Flak, Siege Micromaster Cratermaker

Like Bombshock, Growl is also so heavily remolded from Flak that initially I couldn’t tell they were based on the same toy. However, in robot mode you can see they have the same chest. His armored vehicle mode looks awesome and I love the big gun on the roof. In robot mode the gun mounts on his arm. He looks great in robot mode, but is poorly designed. He is so back heavy he can’t stand up.

Military Patrol Weapon Mode

The Military Patrol’s combined weapon mode is better than most of the Micromaster combined weapon modes. Growl’s big gun gives it an actual barrel.

Overall: I love the Military Patrol, though it sucks that Growl can’t stand up. The Hot Rod Patrol is pretty cool, but neither can stand on their own. How Hasbro can produce toys when they haven’t done something as simple as make sure they can stand up is beyond me.

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