Blog #1748: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Siege Amazon Exclusive Phantomstrike Squadron (Fracas, Shrute, Skywarp, Terror-Daxtyl)

Transformers: Generations: Siege Amazon Exclusive Phantomstrike Squadron (Fracas, Shrute, Skywarp, Terror-Daxtyl)


Previous Mold Use: Siege Firedrive

Firedrive has been repainted into Scourge’s Targetmaster partner Fracas. He looks fine. Too bad he didn’t come with Titans Return Scourge. He was probably too embarrassed by Scourge’s deplorable paint job.


Previous Mold Use: Siege Blowpipe, Siege Aimless, Siege Caliburst, Siege Trenchfoot

Shrute? Where do I remember that name from? Oh, that’s right. That was the idiotic name that Fun Publications gave to Needlenose Spinister’s Targetmaster partner Hairsplitter. TF Wiki speculates the name has something to do with The Office. Don’t care, never saw it, dumb name. Singe is slated for Wave 5. I guess that’s cool since Needlenose Spinister is coming out, but it would matter a lot more if they actually came with Needlenose Spinister.


Previous Mold Use: Siege Starscream, Siege Red Wing, Siege Acid Storm, Siege Ion Storm, Siege Nova Storm

Skywarp looks great, except he isn’t black, he’s gray. Not sure why. Also, you can barely see the Decepticon logos on him because the purple is so dark.


Previous Mold Use: Siege Pteraxadon

Terror-Daxtyl’s name is hilarious, but he is otherwise forgettable.

Overall: This set is overpriced at $50. One Voyager plus thee Battle Masters is $45, and frankly, these box sets should be less than the total cost like the Target Exclusives, both of which were $10 below the total of the individual toys. My guess is that’s an Amazon decision. I can’t really recommend waiting for this one on clearance as Skywarp is a must have.

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2 Responses to Blog #1748: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Siege Amazon Exclusive Phantomstrike Squadron (Fracas, Shrute, Skywarp, Terror-Daxtyl)

  1. lmb3 says:

    Spinister, yes. Thanks.

  2. Michael McParland says:

    Spinister, not Needlenose. To supplement the imminent wave 5 deluxe.

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