Blog #1730: Toy Review: Transformers: Cyberverse Spark Armor Battle Class Wave 1 (Jetfire & Tank Cannon, Prowl &Cosmic Patrol, Sky-Byte & Driller Drive, Starscream & Demolition Destroyer)

Transformers: Cyberverse Spark Armor Battle Class Wave 1 (Jetfire & Tank Cannon, Prowl &Cosmic Patrol, Sky-Byte & Driller Drive, Starscream & Demolition Destroyer)

Jetfire & Tank Cannon

Tank Cannon? That’s the best name Hasbro could come up with? I’m really glad Hasbro’s current creative team didn’t come up with the names of the original 1984 Transformers. Can you imagine if they had? “Welcome to the world of The Transformers where the heroic Good Guys led by Leader Truck and his companions Yellow Car, Police Vehicle, and Race Car face off against the terror of the Bad Guys led by Gun Trigger and his minions Tape Deck, Robotic Cat and Jet Engine.” Anyway. Tank Cannon looks fine, though there is not much too him. Jetfire is pretty cool. He could have used a few more red paint apps in robot mode, but he’s not bad. With his armor on he gets a gun, plus guns on his arms. I’m not a fan of the face shield they gave him. I would have preferred all of the Battle Class toys have full helmets.

Prowl & Cosmic Patrol

Cosmic Patrol is at least an interesting name. Its some kind of jet fighter. It’s fine. Prowl’s vehicle mode is pretty good, but he needed more paint apps. I really like his robot mode. In combined mode he looks great, and even gets his trademark shoulder cannons. Of the four, he has the best face shield.

Sky-Byte & Driller Drive

Driller Drive, another classic name from the team who brought you Tank Cannon. *Eye roll.* Driller Drive is a drill tank. He’s fine. I have never understood why so many people love Sky-Byte. I’ve never understood the appeal to either his character or toy, but I haven’t watched much of the RID cartoon. His Shark mode is fine, and he looks pretty good in robot mode. His armor is nothing special.

Starscream & Demolition Destroyer

Demolition Destroyer? Sure, why not. Starscream is okay. He’s not great, but he’s much better than the Warrior Class toy in both modes. I really like his head sculpt. When combined, he’s fine, but probably the weakest of the four. The treads just hang off his legs, and his weapon is the scoop. Plus the yellow looks weird on him.

Overall: The Battle Class toys aren’t terrible. I like Jetfire and Prowl, and Sky-Byte isn’t bad, but the lack of thought put into the partner names is ridiculous.

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