Blog #1501: Toy Review: Transformers: Studio Series Leader Blackout

Transformers: Studio Series Leader Blackout


Scorponok is very cool. He’s small, and his tail could be a little more detailed, but at this size, its about what I’d expect. I love the silver paint. They could have cheaped out and not painted his eyes, but fortunately they did.


Vehicle Mode: Blackout’s MH-53 Pave Low helicopter mode is a nearly perfect. I say nearly because he does have a couple of small issues. The roof of the cockpit, and the area just behind it and in front of the rotors do not close properly. They are almost closed in the picture, but it took a half hour of messing with it to get it to stay in place. The front section needed a more significant peg to keep them together. The back section has ports inside each side that peg into the middle. These keep popping out. Other than that, he’s awesome.

Robot Mode: Blackout’s robot mode is fantastic. He’s got tons of molded details. His tail rotor goes onto his arm as his weapon. In the movie it was his main rotor, but it’s otherwise very accurate. The only problem is his hands. They aren’t hands and can’t be turned to even look like hands. Since he doesn’t have a weapon to hold, it’s not an issue of functionality, it just looks wrong. Still, his hands are such a small thing compared to his awesomeness.

Overall: Blackout is an absolute must. He is a real pain to transform, and his instructions suck, so I would pick one mode and never transform him again, but he is an absolute must have.

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