Blog #1486: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends e-Hobby Exclusive Deluxe Convobat & Ape X Arms with Headmaster Megalligator

Transformers: Legends e-Hobby Exclusive Deluxe Convobat & Ape X Arms with Headmaster Megalligator

Legends Deluxe Convobat is repainted from Transformers: Generations Deluxe Mindwipe and Transformers: Legends Deluxe Wipe. Headmaster Convobat is repainted from Titan Master Infinitus (from Transformers: Generations Voyager Sentinel Prime). Ape X Arms is repainted from Titan Master Apeface. Megalligator is repainted from Titan Master Nucleon (from Transformers: Generations Voyager Galvatron). Read my reviews of Transformers: Generations Deluxe Mindwipe, Transformers: Legends Deluxe Wipe, Transformers: Generations Titan Master Apeface’s Vehicle, Transformers: Generations Titan Master Infinitus, and Transformers: Generations Titan Master Nucleon.

Headmaster Megalligator

I think Galvatron’s Headmaster looks better as Megalligator. It’s a great paint job, and very accurate. What disappoints me is that he has no body. I believe the fiction says that he uses Skullcruncher’s body, but Skullcruncher isn’t painted correctly. He’s a darker green has a pink tail. He could have easily been repainted. This set could have been an awesome 2-pack. So, while this is a great head, it really sucks that he has no body.

Ape X Arms

Titan Master Apeface’s vehicle/weapon/ape has been repainted to look like Optimal Optimus. He looks great in ape and jet mode. Too bad he doesn’t have the vehicle and robot modes, but it is a really cool paintjob.

Headmaster Convobat

Before I picked this up, I assumed it was one of the Optimus Prime heads that was used, but this is actually Sentinel Prime’s Titan Master. He’s perfect for Convobat.


I am a little disappointed that he doesn’t come with his original weapons. They actually form his tail, so it’s a little odd that he has no tail. His swords are repainted from Transformers: Prime Deluxe Wheeljack. Unfortunately, due to the soft plastic and the bag being pulled against his head in the box, one of his ears is malformed. It sucks, but that’s what happens with this soft plastic. Convobat has a great paintjob.

Overall: It’s unfortunate that this was an exclusive, as it’s a little on the expensive side, and the lack of a body for Megalligator sucks, but this is a really cool set and well worth getting.

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