Blog #1457: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Crash Combiners Wave 4 (Grimlock & Optimus Prime and Saberhorn & Bisk)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Crash Combiners Wave 4 (Grimlock & Optimus Prime and Saberhorn & Bisk)

The idea with crash combiners is that you crash the vehicles into each other causing them to transform. It isn’t perfect. Each toy has a port on the front or back of the vehicle. Toys are either waist and legs or torso, arms, and head. They are interchangeable, but you need a top and a bottom. They can legitimately be called combiners, but unfortunately, the auto transformation gimmick when “crashed’ together only transforms the spring loaded top half. The legs/feet and sometimes hands must be manually transformed.

Grimlock & Optimus Prime

In robot and vehicle mode Optimus Prime is almost identical to his original release. Grimlock is a new mold. Its not good, but all things considered, I’ve seen worse.


In addition to having new legs Primelock’s chest and shoulders have been remolded. He now has a dinosaur head and teeth silhouette on each shoulder. Pretty cool looking. His colors are perfect for Christmas.

Saberhorn & Bisk

Sadly, this is the only toy of Saberhorn we are ever going to get. His insect mode looks great. His robot mode doesn’t look bad. Its about the best you can get from a Crash Combiner. Bisk looks really cool in both modes, but his robot mode could have used a few more paint apps.


Saberclaw is awesome. Definitely my favorite from the whole Crash Combiners line. I love the head sculpt and claw hands.

Overall: These probably aren’t the two toys I would have chose to end the Robots in disguise line, but I can think of worse toys to bid the line adieu on. I do have one review left to do. My RID Thermidor is winging its way toward me very slowly.

Thanks for reading!

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