Blog #1389: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Deluxe Jazz

Transformers: Generations: Power of the Primes Deluxe Jazz

Click here to read about how Hasbro ruined the Power of the Primes line before it even started.


Vehicle Mode: I love Jazz’s car mode. He’s got decent paint apps, but I wish he had some more striping above his wheels like the G1. Still looks great as is.

Robot Mode: I really like Jazz’s robot mode and his head sculpt is perfect. He’s got great paint apps. As with other PotP Deluxes, he can carry a Prime Master on his chest for some reason.

Overall: Jazz is a must. Hopefully somewhere down the road Takara will release him as Stepper with a Targetmaster.

I do want to address the “controversy”. If you look at the Autobot symbol on his door, there are four Cybertronian characters beneath it. They spell out MAGA, the abbreviation for Make America Great Again. Hasbro claims this was done by a vendor without authorization. I think everyone is making way more of this than it is. I hate Donald Trump. He’s a misogynistic sexual predator, a white supremacist, a Nazi sympathizer, and a fucking idiot. Seriously, he’s the dumbest son of a bitch of the face of the Earth. Fuck Donald Trump. Who cares if some asshole put MAGA in Cybertronian on a toy in characters so small that you practically need a magnifying glass to see it so you can translate it. Hasbro should sue and or fire the dickhead who did it, but I’m hearing people complain about it like it in any way affects how awesome the toy. I’ve heard of people removing the tampo. Come on people. It’s not like it says it in big English letter across his hood. If it makes you feel better, just think of it as standing for Make Autobots Groovy Again. Seems like something Jazz would promote anyway.

Thanks for reading!

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