Blog #1384: Guest Columnist: Fred’s Workshop: SkyHawk and the Big Golden Dragon Thing!

SkyHawk and the Big Golden Dragon Thing!

When we last visited something shiny and gold, we covered a Korean Brave figure from the flea market, and a Craptacular has-band Soundwave. We learned that no matter how much or how little you pay, it’s crap – so you may as well enjoy it.

Today, we finally round out the electrum with SkyHawk! We had a knockoff of this years ago, that no-one could identify. It was nice to finally put a name to the ‘bot.

I’m amused by the box art. As with the Golden Dragon, we have those brave kids on the box – this time, they’re flying while eating doughnuts. Sure. I mean, what else would you have to represent a gold chrome robot hawk?

Somebody’s been in the Scooby Snacks again.

The overabundance of red missiles shows itself, promising minutes of fun and lost accessories. The robot mode is nice, about the articulation expected. He certainly gives off a predacon Divebomb vibe.

What fun! He has shootable throwing stars, missiles, a sword in the tail, a pickaxe, and string! Wow! This hawk is loaded for bear! His bird mode isn’t half-bad either. The ko never came with wings, much less all this neat stuff.

There’s that Sunrise Takara Korea stamping, just like on the gold dragon. It’s almost like foreshadowing…

Like that dragon, SkyHawk sports the nice gold chrome that was absent on Soundwave. I’ll toss in that fake-looking Hotshot car to round out the team. Yes, ‘Team.’ For as it turns out…

Dear Primus, they combine! The hawk by himself was fun, but to find that he could interact and combine with the Dragon? They just added a whole new level of fun here. I am astonished. Astonished, I tell you! The dragon was ok, but a flying winged dragon? Come on!

Even that damn car redeems himself, as he combines with the pair to form a more perfect robot union. His real name doesn’t matter. Henceforth he will be known as the Big Flying Golden Dragon Thing!

Tremble at his mighty golden mightiness!

Whew. That was exciting. And exhausting. Thanks to Lewis for letting me play around in his yard for awhile.

You know, as much fun as this was, it still feels like something is missing…

Thanks for reading!

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