Blog #1376: Guest Columnist: Fred’s Workshop’s Review: Fred’s Workshop Knocks off for the Day!

Guest Columnist: Fred’s Workshop’s Review: Fred’s Workshop Knocks off for the Day!

Someone once suggested to me that my collection consisted mostly of broken Wheelies and knockoff robots. That’s probably not far off. My goal is to be able to roll a garbage can over to the toy shelf and toss everything in it without a second glance.

Today’s review consists of two toys that, while they seem unrelated at first, you’ll later discover are the same thing. One is from the Dollar store; the other is from the flea market on a rainy Sunday.

First up is Switch Tech, the Hero Legends! Three vehicles that turn into robots, and (surprise) also combine into a larger robot.

Expert fans will recognize this immediately as a knockoff of the Brave Series God Max figure. I’ve long forgotten the individual names. The blue city insert on the package is clever. I almost want to make a diorama with it.

Clever little individual vehicle modes, fun robot modes, and (though not mentioned on the box) they have another potential combined mode. The extra tidbits are nice. The drill tank deploys twin Gatling cannons out of his chest. The car has an engine block that flips. The plane deploys a parrot head out of his cockpit. Ah well.

The bits convert into integrated combiner components easily enough. The plastic quality is surprisingly good for what this is. Better than a modern RID toy, for certain. What they lack in articulation they make up for in good looks.

That takes care of the dollar store. Next up, the flea market! Found this on a rainy Sunday. The box was literally coming apart in the drizzle, so the price was lowered to about the cost of a dollar store toy.

It’s shiny, and gold chrome. Again, the expert fan will recognize this as the Korean version of the Takara Brave Goldran. Yes, another Brave! He already comes packaged as his robot, so we’ll look at him backwards.

I don’t know if it’s a pleasure or a curse to know that this was an actual Takara-stamped toy. This thing looks like a knockoff. Then you realize, in horror, that this thing also appears to be made entirely of the dreaded Gold Plastic, and you fear the worst. I wanted to return it to the box and back slowly away, but the toy is brave, so I must bravely soldier on… (Fred twists plastic and cringes with each click.)

The chest comes off and turns into a cheap-looking version of Cybertron Hotshot. Forgot this guy’s name too. I guarantee it won’t matter. His vehicle mode reminds me of a shiny Armada Mini-Con.

Now, the meat of this toy is the larger body turning into a MechaGodzilla kind of thing. Fantastic. There are spots for 12 little red firing missiles to load all over his body, and the box comes with about 50, so you won’t run out. Heh.

This was fun, but I don’t intend to transform him *ever* again. He may be real, but he’s going on the shelf next to another KO, so he won’t be lonely. He blends in nicely.

Thanks for reading!

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