Blog #1352: Hascon 2017 Haul #hascon #transformers

Hascon 2017 Haul

You can read about my trip to Hascon here.

Since there was no real dealer presence at Hascon, the haul is substantially less than I would normally bring home from a convention. Still, as someone who loves collecting non-toy memorabilia as much as I do toys, I got a pretty good amount of stuff. Still looking for a few things I missed out on, though.

Exclusive Toys

(Some of the below links may not be live yet. Check back, they should be live soon.)

Arcee & Leinad

It’s only taken thirty years, but we finally have a Headmaster Arcee! Read my review of Arcee.

Power Bank Optimus Prime

Why, Hasbro? Who thought this was a good idea? Read my review of Power Bank Optimus Prime.

X-Force Deadpool

I know he’s not a Transformer, but I love this Deadpool figure. The X-Force paint job is great. I was kind of shocked that he was only $19.99. A con exclusive at retail (below retail at some stores) is pretty much unheard of.

SDCC Primitive Skateboarding Optimus Prime & Shreddicus Maximus

I was so happy they had these at Hascon. I missed out when they hit Hasbro Toy Shop. Read my review of SDCC 2017 Primitive Skateboarding Optimus Prime & Shreddicus Maximus.

Non-Exclusive Toys

Robots In Disguise Team Combiner Galvatronus

Read my review of Robots In Disguise Team Combiner Galvatronus.

Rescue Bots Flip Racers Griffin Rock Racing Team

Read my review of Rescue Bots Flip Racers Griffin Rock Racing Team.

Exclusive Merchandise

Magic The Gathering Card Set

I told myself I wouldn’t buy it. I did. I would be more enthusiastic about this if it was more than three cards, only one of which is Transformers. Unfortunately I missed out on the Grimlock playmat.

Hascon Freebies

Greeting Cards


Mission Card

A stamped card was redeemable for a set of prints.

Mission Card Prints

Hascon Passport

The passport contains thirty places to get stamps. A fully stamped passport was redeemable for a “Memento”. I believe this was the greeting cards.

Playing with Purpose Advertisement


Hascon Schedule



Optimus Prime Pin

Poster – Hasbro

Poster – Transformers

Shopping Bags

T-Shirt – Hascon

T-Shirt – Optimus Prime

VIP Exclusives & Merchandise

Autographed Poster (Wahlberg)

I won this at the VIP dinner raffle.

Autographed Print (Cullen & Welker)

It’s about 5”x7”. Kind of disappointing that it wasn’t larger, but the art is cool.

Comic Book

This is a hardcover reprint of “The Best Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron”.

Drink Ticket

Gift Card

Hasbro Headquarters Tour Instructions

Hasbro Headquarters Tour Pin

Hascon Key Chain & Pen

These came in my VIP bag, but were also available for purchase.

VIP Pin Set


Apparently this bag came in two sizes depending on which VIP package you had. Not sure if this is the bigger or smaller one. I bought a set of two on eBay tonight, so I’ve got it either way.

VIP Dinner Instructions

VIP Room Schedule

IDW Exclusives (Not all from this year or from Hascon.)

2015 SDCC Revolution Print

This wasn’t actually exclusive to Hascon, but I have been looking for one for over a year. Best $10 bucks I spent all weekend.

2017 Convention Exclusive First Strike #1

2017 Retail First Strike #0

2017 SDCC Pins

2017 SDCC Prints

Other Items

DropMix Advertisement

No idea what DropMix this is, but it had an Autobot logo on it. There was some other card apparently available at the booth. I grabbed one on eBay.

Gaming Binders

Gaming Deck Boxes

Gaming Sleeves

Thanks for Reading!

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