Blog #1257: Toy Reviews: Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Wave 1 (Barricade, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus Prime)

Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Wave 1 (Barricade, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus Prime)

Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Reviews


Barricade is a repaint of Transformers: Prime: Beast Hunters Legion Prowl.  It’s not a bad paint job in car mode, but they could have at least written “POLICE” on his doors.  In robot mode he could have used…well…any paint apps at all.  Pretty pathetic.


Bumblebee is a repaint of Transformers: Dark of the Moon Legion Bumblebee.  (Shall we try to make it three for three on repaints?  Read on to find out.)  Bumblebee has, as usual, only the front of the car painted.  It wouldn’t look half bad if his roof, rear and side windows, and spoiler were painted black.  As is it looks like crap.


Stop me if you’ve heard this before.  Grimlock is a repaint of Transformers: Prime: Beast Hunters Rippersnapper, a really bad toy that doesn’t look anything like Grimlock.  This toy has been released, I believe seven times.  There are actual good toys that don’t get that many repaints, and this piece of crap is repainted seven times.  God help me.

Optimus Prime

Warning – Sarcasm ahead.

Optimus Prime is a repaint of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Legends class Optimus Prime.  Wait…that’s not true.  My God!  By Primus!  He’s been…remolded!  Hooray!  Thank the gods!  At least one of these molds was remolded to make it into a better toy.  Wait…no.  No…it’s not possible.  They didn’t actually make it better.  They made it…WORSE!  They remolded him all right.  They gave him shitty all plastic wheels rather than the riveted wheels this toy originally had.  They remolded him to make him cheaper!  To make matters worse, look at the pathetic attempt at flames on his hood.  They are backwards.

Overall: Everyone involved with the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline should be ashamed of themselves.  There are more repaints than new toys in this line.  I’m disgusted.  If they can’t do better than this, then maybe the movie should have been titled, Transformers: The Last Toyline.

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