Blog #1256: Toy Review: Transformers: Rescue Bots Rescan Series Wave 13 (Bumblebee Dinobot, Bumblebee Jet, Heatwave, Optimus Prime Dinobot)

Transformers: Rescue Bots Rescan Series Wave 13 (Bumblebee Dinobot, Bumblebee Jet, Heatwave, Optimus Prime Dinobot)

Bumblebee (Dino Repaint)

Up until now the Rescue Bots Rescan Series has been pretty free of random repaints.  For some unknown reason, they decided to dig up not one but two of the worst Rescue Bots toys to repaint.  You can read my review of the original version here.  Painting it black doesn’t make it any better.

Bumblebee (Jet)

This has the feel of a toy we are going to see in the cartoon this coming season, probably in an episode where Blades is jealous because he is no longer the only flying Rescue Bot.   Anyway, I really like the look of the jet mode.  Robot mode is pretty cool.  What I wonder is if they might slap a Starscream head on this mold down the road.

Heatwave (Dragon)

This is another one I expect to see in the cartoon, though I can’t imagine why Heatwave would need to be a dragon.  (Another flyer for lades to be jealous of.)  I like the design of his dragon mode.  I wish the dragon heads would fold down further on his back, but he looks fine in robot mode.

Optimus Prime (Dino Repaint)

This is the better of the two Dinobots.  (It still really annoys me that we never got Rescan Series Dinobots of the rest of the team.)  That doesn’t mean it’s a great toy, but something about Optimus Prime wish a T-Rex head hand is pretty cool…yes.  It’s not a great toy by any means, but I really like the color scheme.  You can read my review of the original version here.

Overall: The jet Bumblebee and Heatwave are pretty cool, but you can skip the other two unless you’re a completist.

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