Blog #1115: Review: Machinima Transformers: Combiner Wars, Episode 2: The Council (With Spoilers)

Machinima Transformers: Combiner Wars, Episode 2: The Council


Warning: Contains spoilers for Machinima Transformers: Combiner Wars, Episode 2: The Council.

If you read my review of Episode 1, you know I don’t think much of this show so far.  This review will really just be my reaction to a few things form it, rather than going through it point by point, as it really isn’t worth spending that much time on.

First off, Cybertron doesn’t look like Cybertron.  Go watch a few G1 episodes and you’ll see what Cybertron looks like.  No idea what that blob in space was, but it wasn’t Cybertron.

Starscream’s voice is awful.  The late great Chris Latta gave Starscream one of the most iconic voices in cartoon history.  His voice needs to be whiny and high pitched.  This is a joke.

Then there was this line from Starscream:

“…not reignite the war that Optimus and Megatron started billions of years ago.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  Optimus Prime started the war with Megatron?  The Decepticons started the war.  At best revisionist history, at worst it shows a complete lack of understanding of the Transformers mythos by whoever wrote this.

Then Starscream starts arguing against genocide.  I mean, are you kidding me?  When the hypocrisy of that is pointed out, his argument is that those were different times?  Are you kidding me?  One of the leaders of Cybertron is arguing that his past genocidal ways are excused by it being a different time?  That’s would be like Donald Trump saying we should ignore all his bankruptcies because that was different time.  Complete crap.

This episode did have one redeeming moment.  Windblade was about to assassinate Starscream, which I cannot say I would be against in principal, but I suppose she shouldn’t have done.  At the last second she is stopped by Optimus Prime.  That’s the Optimus Prime I know.  Of course, I fully expect them to ruin Optimus Prime in the next episode as they have ruined everyone else.

My favorite part of this episode of “Combiner Wars” is that is did not contain any combiners.

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1 Response to Blog #1115: Review: Machinima Transformers: Combiner Wars, Episode 2: The Council (With Spoilers)

  1. Make America Great Again says:

    Oooh! But the council *talked about combiners. That counts, right?

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