Blog #1096: Toy Review: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Powered Heroes Power Surge Optimus Prime with Aerobolt

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Power Surge Optimus Prime with Aerobolt


This toy essentially has no classification.  With Three Step Changers, who were solicited as Hyperchange Heroes, the name Three Step Changers is on the box.  There is no such name on the box for this price point/class of toy.  Fuck you Hasbro.  Name your damn toy classes already.  I am reluctantly referring to him as Powered Hero, as he has similar gimmicks to Powered Heroes Bumblebee and Sideswipe.

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Just to get this out of the way, Optimus Prime’s vehicle mode looks like crap and Aerobolt is a joke.  Optimus looks pretty cool in robot mode and flight mode.  Honestly, I would have preferred the classic Optimus Prime colors they are getting in Japan, but he does look really nice and vaguely resembles Thunderclash.  He has a fairly complicated internal mechanism, which works really well.  Problem is the instructions are completely insufficient to actually make the toy work out of the box.  There is a slide on his back.  When in flight mode, this needs to be slid down as far as it can go to reset the mechanism, which stows his face shield and shoulder guns.  You then fold down his wings to complete transforming him to regular robot mode and press his Mini-Con into his chest to make his wings, face shield, and guns deploy.  The problem is that he is packed with one wing in the up position and one in the down position with his face shield and shoulder guns deployed.  You need to manually reset the mechanism buy pushing his guns back and down until they lock which also retracts his face shield, and then pull his wing that is in the up position down.  If you don’t do this his wing won’t lock in the down position.  He is then reset and can be properly deployed with his Mini-Con and retracted with the switch.  Why do you have to go through this?  Well, some idiot decided to design him so that when his wings are in the down position they block the switch.  He needed to have a big neon green piece of paper in the box with big letters stating “READ THIS BEFORE TRANSFORMING!” and giving instructions on how to set the toy out of the box.  An awful lot of these are going get broken by kids right out of the box and returned.

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