Blog #979: Toy Review: Transformers: Platinum Edition Autobot Intel Ops (Blaster, Eject, Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Perceptor)

Transformers: Platinum Edition Autobot Intel Ops (Blaster, Eject, Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Perceptor)


Is there anything better than G1 molds?  The answer is no.  Target’s Platinum Edition Autobot Intel Ops set is finally out via  Not sure if this will ever show up in stores, but it was $100, and to my best recollection, it was about $40 more at the online toy stores.  I’m hoping this means that Trypticon will be a little more reasonably priced than the $200 the online toy stores have had him for.


Steeljaw, Eject, Ramhorn

tfplatinteops-03 tfplatinteops-04

I can’t put my hands on any of my other cassettes to compare them, but the cassettes look pretty standard, all painted details, no stickers.  The gold on Steeljaw’s weapons look a little darker than I remember.


tfplatinteops-05 tfplatinteops-06

I can’t put my hands on my G1 or reissue Blaster, but using pictures of the original online, there appear to be a couple of changes.  Blaster’s gray parts are now a light brown-gold color.  It’s light, so at first glace it might appears to look like the G1, but it is definitely different.  The other change is in the stickers.  The original are metal finish stickers, but these have shiny reflective metal finish stickers, which is why they are so dark in the photographs.


tfplatinteops-07 tfplatinteops-08 tfplatinteops-09 tfplatinteops-10 tfplatinteops-11

I can’t find any differences on Perceptor from the original, but he does come with a  new accessory.  He has a rack that contains six microscope slides.  Each is clear plastic with a molded Autobot symbol and a sticker.  The stickers look lousy through the microscope and even under a magnifying glass, but it was a nice try.  The rack fits on his back by using the existing screw hole on his left but cheek, and uses the three small holes on his upper back as a guide to keep it straight.  It’s not a major thing, but a nice extra accessory that he probably should have come with to begin with.

Overall: You can’t complain about a slightly repainted Blaster, three cassettes, and Perceptor with a new accessory for $100.  Especially if you’re a G1 fanatic, this set is a must.

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2 Responses to Blog #979: Toy Review: Transformers: Platinum Edition Autobot Intel Ops (Blaster, Eject, Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Perceptor)

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  2. Dore Dumble says:

    Worth unwrapping. Way fun to play with.

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