Blog #868: Transformers Artifact of the Week: 1986 Transformers The Movie Ziploc Promotion Sandwich Bags Sealed Box

0g1Transformers Artifact of the Week: 1986 Transformers The Movie Ziploc Promotion Sandwich Bags Sealed Box

Back in the spring on 2013 I acquired a 1986 Transformers: The Movie Ziploc Promotion Salesman’s Sample Kit.  In that review I noted that I did not have a sealed box of the bags and was looking for one.  What I did not say was that it was on my list of Holy Grails for my collection.  I admit to having quite a few, and maybe I’ll do a blog about them some day.  Some might surprise you, and most of them I’m never going to find anyway, but after what happened a couple weeks ago, who knows?

Out of the blue about two weeks ago, I got a tweet from someone who saw said they had a sealed box of the 1986 Transformers Ziploc bags for sale.  Obviously, you have to wonder if it’s all on the up and up when someone you don’t know contacts you online.  This isn’t like something that was up on ebay.  They sent me pictures, and they weren’t any pictures I’d seen of the bags before.  The price was reasonable, in fact, I would have paid more, so I took a shot and sent the Paypal payment.  A couple days later they sent me a tracking number.  I must admit, I was trying not to get too excited.  A few days later this arrived in the mail.

zl25 zl26
I never thought I would find it.  I’ve never even seen one in the flesh before, just a flattened box at Botcon 2006 that was part of the Hartman’s collection that was being sold.  It was sold before I got to it.

What I found really interesting was the note that came with the box.  Apparently, they were cleaning out their grandparents’ house to be sold and found it.  It almost ended up in the trash.  Can you imagine?  A thirty year old box of sandwich bags still in someone’s cupboard?  Even more amazing, the person who unearthed it realized it might be something someone would want and found my blog.

(Though I guess that’s not that amazing that they found my blog.  If you Google “Transformers Ziploc”  my blog about the sample kit is the first item that comes up, and the second and third are TFW2005 and Seibertron talking about that blog.  In fact, 7 of the top 9 items that come up are about my blog.  Anyway…)

“Only the worthy can find the Grail.” – Professor Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code

Well, I guess I proved that one wrong. 🙂  But I’m still keeping my Transformers Ziploc bags.

As always, you can find over 9000 Transformers merchandise items and collectibles at  I have not done an update to the site in a while.  Hopefully I will be doing a major update this spring with more than 2500 new items including a huge number of Age of Extinction items.

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Blog #868: Transformers Artifact of the Week: 1986 Transformers The Movie Ziploc Promotion Sandwich Bags Sealed Box

  1. lmb3 says:

    I think the drill is the best of the Powerdashers, but that is not saying much. Omnibots were so much better, no question.

  2. Wow, didn’t know they had a Powerdasher free with only three Ziplock UPCs. The Reinforcements offer was $3 and two Robot Points. Lousy toy, but at least it was a “real” Transformer.

    The car which I got (as a Reinforcement) was worse than the jet (pictured). The Ziplock one might have only been jets, but the ones through the Reinforcements from Cybertron offers included three different versions. The Omnibots were so much better – Overdrive was awesome in so many ways, for $5 and 4 points. But a better deal on a mail-away promotion was Jazz for $3 and two Cookie Crisp UPCs. OK, I’m rambling now…

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