Blog #865: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Battlers Wave 4 (High Octane Bumblebee, Junkheap, Vehicon)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Battlers Wave 4 (High Octane Bumblebee, Junkheap, Vehicon)

I’m still not sure if these are Power Battlers or Power Attackers.  I would say that it does not matter anymore, but they have continued this crap with the RID line.  I hate Hasbro.

These are the last items to be released in the main AOE line.  They will be impossible to find.  I had to buy a case to get them.  Junkheap in particular will be hard to find.  He is only shipping in wave 4 cases.  Wave 4 and 4.1 have the other two.  I hate Hasbro.

The only items that remain in the AOE line are the Construct Bots Dino Riders Starscream and Galvatron, but as no Construct Bots were shown at Toyfair, my guess is the line is cancelled, and they never saw production.  Only time will tell if they show up.  It wouldn’t be the first time something showed up later that we assumed was canceled.  I hate Hasbro.


Power Battler High Octane Bumblebee

tfaoepbat-w4-02 tfaoepbat-w4-03 tfaoepbat-w4-04

Bumblebee’s car mode looks pretty great, maybe even better than the deluxe version.  The metallic blue windows really look nice on the black.  I think, if I remember correctly, he should have had a yellow spoiler, but that’s the only problem with it.  His robot mode is quite good also.  His action feature works really great.  Rotate him at the waist and her extends his right arm with the cannon.


Power Battler Junkheap

tfaoepbat-w4-06 tfaoepbat-w4-07 tfaoepbat-w4-08

This one is a must.  Junkheap is great in vehicle mode.  The only issue is that his arms are visible on the top of the cab.  It shouldn’t have been too had to create a panel that covered that.  Still it looks really great.  His robot mode could use a few more paint apps, but he looks pretty good.  Not a fan of the plain gray arms, they should really have been painted white.  This would also have helped with the top of the cab.


Power Battler Vehicon

tfaoepbat-w4-10 tfaoepbat-w4-11

I don’t think I ever looked at the promotional pics of this wave.  I assumed Vehicon would be an SUV.  It’s nice that we at least got the Rally Fighter in some way, even if it wasn’t the deluxe toy we should have got.  (More on that in my scathing evisceration… err… review… of the Age of Extinction toy line, coming soon.)  The vehicle mode is fantastic.  His robot mode is all right, but has one major design flaw.  His action feature is to put down on the windshield on his back and his right arm with the saw blade raises and spins.  The issue is that the windshield is only held on by two thin pieces of plastic.  It seems extremely likely to break if played with a lot.  My other issue with his robot mode is his head sculpt.  If you look at the box art, he has a fairly normal looking green visor but if you look at the top, it extends back on the sides of his head farther back than his ears would be (if he had ears).  It just looks odd.

Overall: This is a great wave overall if you can find them.  They will likely cost you $100 or more for the three, with Junkheap being the hardest to find and most expensive.  As good as they are, I’m not sure they are really worth the price.

Thanks for reading!

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