Blog #788: Transformers Artifact of the Week: Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack (Record, Cassette, CD)


Transformers Artifact of the Week: Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack (Record, Cassette, CD)


In 1986 companies were still making records.  Shouldn’t surprise me, they were still making Beta tapes too (I think I’ll have to do an Artifacts of the Week on TF Video cassettes).  I’ve had a copy of the record for a long time.

tftmrecord-03 tftmrecord-04

I picked up another this week.  The cover and record are pretty close to identical, though the cover to my eyes is a shade or two lighter gray, but not enough o see in a photograph.  What I found interesting is this on the back.


This appears to have been a promo sent out by CBS records.  Very cool.  I love promotional items, even when they aren’t that different from the regular versions.

The Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack was also released on cassette in 1986.  Mine is autographed by Stand Bush and Vince DiCola. (I feel so cool right now.  Please read that as sarcasm.)


It was also released on CD, originally in 1992.  That seems odd as that was when G1 had just ended.  It was then released twice more in 2007 and 2013, both times with different covers and disk art.

tftmrecord-07 tftmrecord-08 tftmrecord-09

Finally, just in the last month or so (or perhaps it’s upcoming this month, I’m not sure) they released a new edition of the Soundtrack record.  I haven’t bought a regular reissue version, but they did a special limited edition of 1000 in blue.  No, I don’t get it either (and yes I bought one, ironic, isn’t it?).  Not sure other than the blue record what is different from the original version (or what is different on the regular reissue from the original).  It probably has to have some changes to the fine print and dates.  If there is anything significant, I will update this when I receive it.  Here is the auction picture of the blue version.


Update 1/1/2015: Happy new year!  I received my reissue blue record yesterday, so I thought I’d post some pictures.  It is essentially the same as the original, but has added notations for the issuers of the new edition, Music on Vinyl.  Pics below.

DSC06144 DSC06147 DSC06150 DSC06152 DSC06154 DSC06156

As always, you can find over 9000 Transformers merchandise items and collectibles at  I have not done an update to the site in a while.  Hopefully I will be doing a major update this winter with more than 1500 more items including a huge number of Age of Extinction items.

Thanks for reading!


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3 Responses to Blog #788: Transformers Artifact of the Week: Transformers: The Movie Soundtrack (Record, Cassette, CD)

  1. lmb3 says:

    It was available in both blue and black. I hadn’t gotten the black one when I posted this. Thanks.

  2. Tony Bourne says:

    My 2015 reissue TFTM vinyl did not come in blue. It’s a regular black record. 🤔

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