Blog #711: Toy Review: 2014 San Diego Comic Con Transformers Kre-O Kreon Class of 1984 Box Set

Toy Review: 2014 San Diego Comic Con Transformers Kre-O Kreon Class of 1984 Box Set

San Diego Comic Con Toy and Merchandise Reviews

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This is a really cool set.  They did include all 28 1984 toys, though the three animal cassettes are in cassette mode.  This left five slots filled by Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Skrapnel (Shrapnel), Shockwave, and Perceptor.  This I do not understand.  I have no issue with the inclusion of Shockwave and Shrapnel, but Perceptor did not show up until 1985 (in the cartoon) and Arcee and Ultra Magnus until 1986.  What would have made more sense would be to include Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge instead of Perceptor, Arcee, and Ultra Magnus.  While those three toys (like Shrapnel and Shockwave) were not out until 1985, they were in season one of the cartoon.  I was really hoping that they would do this again next year as Class of 1985.  I went through all the 1985 catalog toys, and if you don’t include all the ones that were in this year’s set and the combiners who were already done in their own sets, that leaves you 31: Whirl, Roadbuster, Perceptor, Snarl, Swoop, Blaster, Topspin, Twintwist, Warpath, Beachcomber, Seaspray, Powerglide, Cosmos, Hoist, Inferno, Tracks, Grapple, Red Alert, Jetfire, Omega Supreme, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust, Barrage, Chopshop, Ransack, Venom, Bombshell, and Kickback.  That gives you 31 for 1985, but you could do an Omega Supreme building set and leave him out of the Kreons.  Now, if you want to do 1986, let’s eliminate all five combiner sets again since they were done, it leaves you 26 (which I won’t list) not including Sky Lynx.  Need 4 more?  Arcee, Unicron, In Memoriam Optimus Prime, and In Memoriam Megatron fills out the set.  Had they really thought this out they could do sets for at least two more years.  I think this was a really popular set based on it selling out at the show, though it was also the cheapest of the options, so that might have had something to do with it.  If Hasbro was really committed to Kre-O long term, they should have thought ahead and set this up.  Could they still do it?  Sure, but doing Arcee, Perceptor, and Ultra Magnus just makes things later make no sense.

Of course, the reality is that it is unlikely that anyone thought about doing another and that they won’t.  It would have been cool though.

Anyway, the lack of thinking ahead aside, these are really awesome, though I would happily have paid $90 (as the retail) to have these guys all be Micro-Changers.  I have not taken mine out of the box as I think leaving them in the display would be an easier way to store them than on a shelf.  Besides, the superlatives listed under each one are hilarious.  I highly recommend this set.

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