Blog #712: Toy Review: 2014 San Diego Comic Con Transformers Loyal Subjects Exclusives

Toy Review: 2014 San Diego Comic Con Transformers Loyal Subjects Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con Toy and Merchandise Reviews

Loyal Subjects had thee different 3-Packs available at SDCC.  All are, or at least were, available through their online store for $39.99.  A bit pricey, but cool, especially the Dinobot set.  They did a Shattered Glass Dinobot set.  I find this interesting.  Did they have to get permission from Fun Publications to do this?  Does Hasbro own even the stories and ideas from Fun Publications?  No idea.

One of my Ghost Ramjet weapons had no peg and I e-mailed them and they took care of it right away.

Unfortunately, the quality of these toys has taken a nose dive.  The series one toys were really good quality and very cool, but with this year’s toys they tried to make them more poseable.  This has the affect of making them look like their arms and hands are not on all the way and are hanging by threads.  Worse than the look, is that they easily can break.  I spent $30 on the Hot Topic exclusive Snarl (don’t get me started on the chase crap they’ve done, that’s for another blog) and just moving his arm to put the sword in his hand almost broke off the part that holds his arm on.  Really, really cheap and all in the name of poseability that really is silly on a toy like this.  Kids aren’t playing with these at $13 a pop, they are being displayed by collectors.  Even worse than the arms, some of them have legs that won’t move properly so they can’t stand them flat and their waist won’t stay connected to their chest.  It’s just too bad they didn’t leave well enough alone.  I haven’t even picked up most of series 2, and I’m not even sure I will.  Additionally, some of these, the Ghost jets especially, have parts that fall off.  The wings won’t stay in place.  I have a series 2 Dirge, and the regular version does not have that problem.  If the translucent plastic is the issue then they shouldn’t have made them at all.  Honestly, we really didn’t need a ghost jet set anyway.

These are very cool toys, but not if they are going to break so easily and be so impossible to find all of them.

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