Blog #710: Toy Review: 2014 San Diego Comic Con Transformers Knights of Unicron Box Set

Toy Review: 2014 San Diego Comic Con Transformers Knights of Unicron Box Set

San Diego Comic Con Toy and Merchandise Reviews

This is one of those cases where the idea seemed stupid, but was in fact really, really creative, but the toys still sucked.  (Okay, maybe this is the only time that has happened.)  I must admit, I thought the whole idea was stupid when I first heard about it.  While the toys suck (and they do suck epically in every possible way) the extras are actually really creative and very interesting.  I’m going to go through the good stuff and then the toys.  I am using the promo pics of the toys as they look much better (for being crap) than I can make them.  That is all explained below.

The Box

sdcc2014030 sdcc2014031 sdcc2014032 sdcc2014033

The box is very cool.  It’s high quality glossy thick cardboard made to look like a band’s equipment case. The top flips up (and stays closed with two magnets) to reveal a cardboard insert that looks like a speaker, also made of high quality glossy thick cardboard.  This looks very cool.  You lift off the speaker cover to reveal all the extra cool goodies that I’ll go into below.  You lift that tray out and find the toys, such as they are.  This looks disturbingly like a Fun Publications box set, but you can tell it’s not.  Even though these toys are about on par with the worst Botcon exclusives of the last ten years, the creativity behind the set is far beyond anything Fun Publications is capable of.

Record Cover

sdcc2014034 sdcc2014034a

The record cover is very cool and the graphics make it look like it’s old and worn, and they even added a little something on the back.  That’s hilarious.


sdcc2014035 sdcc2014036

The record is just a folded sheet of paper.  The front shows a fake record, but it’s what is on the back that is really awesome.  They actually did song lyrics!  Now, one song I recognize.  Circuit Breaker is clearly meant to be sung to the tune of Heartbreaker.  I wish some band would record these songs, I would pay for that CD.  They are hilarious.  The inside (remember I said this was a folded sheet) is the instructions, which do not include instructions for putting the tassels, hair, and crap on the toys.  They could have at least included that in the instructions.  That’s one of the reasons I am not bothering to transform them.

Classic Tour Poster


Till All Are One Tour Poster


Till All Are One Concert Ticket


Till All Are One VIP Ticket


History Booklet


The history booklet, detailing the long and tumultuous history of the Knight of Unicron, is absolutely awesome.  This is almost worth the price of the set.  (Almost…)  Someone must have posted scans of the whole booklet online, so track them down and read them.  It also includes another song.


sdcc2014046 sdcc2014047 sdcc2014048

Three stickers are also included, two for the Knights of Unicron and one for…Bumblebee and the Hive?  Read the history booklet to find out more. 🙂


Yes, finally we have the toys, which in a rear twist are less interesting than the box they came in.  I do kind of wish they had included Bumblebee with a mullet.  My main complaint about the hair and tassels and stuff is that they are essentially put on with rubber bands.  If there were plastic parts that clipped on with the fabric attached, at least you could take them off and put them on without much difficulty.  They are honestly just not worth the effort to transform.

sdcc2014037 sdcc2014038 sdcc2014039 sdcc2014040

Thanks for reading!

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