Blog #630B: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Hero Mashers Deluxe Bulkhead, Megatron, and Optimus Prime

Transformers: Hero Mashers Deluxe Bulkhead, Megatron, and Optimus Prime

Transformers: Hero Mashers (which I thought were to be called Robot Mashers) are finally here.  Obviously they don’t transform, but there is a lot to like about these.  I’m a little ticked off about the extra parts included.  More below.





Bulkhead looks cool, though he doesn’t seem to be based on any existing Bulkhead design, unless he’s going to show up in Age of Extinction (which would rock).  He’s got an enormous gun and back pack, as well as a hammer fist.  What sucks is that they repainted Bumblebee’s arm and put on the package that he can Mash-Up with Cliffjumper.  This is idiotic.  If you want to make Cliffjumper, then make Cliffjumper.  Don’t do crap like this.  When I first head about this, I thought that maybe you get a Cliffjumper by collecting the parts, but no.  Apparently we are going to get random body parts from toys they have no plans to make.  Unless all the left over parts can build Autobot Spike, I have no use for this.  Give them another accessory instead.  That would be better.





I don’t know what drugs the designer who sculpted Megatron’s head was on, but they must have been pretty strong.  It wouldn’t be bad without the big black pieces on the sides of his face.  Otherwise, I like it.  He comes with a classic G1 translucent purple mace and Skywarp’s severed arm.


Optimus Prime



Optimus Prime looks awesome.  They seemed to not know what to give him for accessories, so they just gave him an extra enormous gun.  He also has his G1 translucent orange axe and Ultra Magnus’s severed arm.

Overall: I like these, but the mixing and matching of parts does nothing for me.  Kids will probably enjoy that though, especially as you can mix and match with Marvel hero Mashers.  Putting in extra parts from other characters is really crappy.  Just make the other toys if you want to.

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