Blog #590: Toy Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction Leader Dinobot Grimlock


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Transformers: Age of Extinction Leader Dinobot Grimlock


Dinosaur Mode: Well, Grimlock is certainly…different. I sort of like the mold, but the colors are a mess. He looks cobbled together from random parts. If they didn’t want to do him in movie silver, they should have picked a simpler color scheme. Instead he is silver chrome, gold, metallic gold, black, brown, and gray. He is very top heavy, so you have to keep his knees bent as far as they can in order to keep him from falling forward. I’m not crazy about his robot fists sitting on the back of his dinosaur feet.


Robot Mode: In robot mode he has the same problem with the coloring, but it’s not as bad. I do love the look of his robot mode. This one was a little tough to transform. Not quite to “puzzle-former” level, but it was a little tricky. I really like his head sculpt. I would have preferred he have a simple sword instead of the whatever it is supposed to be. I think it’s a staff or club. Hard to tell. I would have also liked him to have a gun.

Overall: It’s probably the best Grimlock we’re going to get for his dinosaur mode. It’s not terrible, just some bad color choices. I think if they had used the same metallic gold on his lower back in place of all the silver chrome he would have a more uniform look to him.

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