Blog #579: Toy Review: Impossible Toys Alicon

Toy Review: Impossible Toys Alicon


I’m not sure how long the Impossible Toys Alicon has been out, but I just picked one up, and I’m very impressed.  If you’re not familiar with what Alicon is based on, Allicons first appeared in Transformers: The Movie, and then later in several episodes of the cartoon and some (UK I believe) comics.  They are related to Sharkticons and often do the bidding of the Quintessons.  More info here.



There are two things I have found to be true about most third party toys.  First, they just don’t “feel” like they have the same plastic quality as official product, even though they probably do.  I can’t explain it, but just holding this toy in my hands, it seems more delicate than official toys.  It’s probably all in my head, but even the third party toys of really great quality, like this one, just feels like it will disintegrate in my hand.  Second, they tend to have sharp really sharp parts.  His spear drew blood when I accidentally jammed it into my palm.  This to me is one valid knock on third party toys.  Yes, they are intended for adult collectors, but do we really need a sharp point on the spear?

That aside, this toy is absolutely amazing.  It’s incredibly well sculpted and designed, with great paint apps.  It’s a pretty good size too, about Transformers: Prime Voyager size.  I kind of wish he was smaller though, so he would be in scale with G1 Gnaw, but that’s not a huge thing.

Now, here’s a random thought.  I wonder if impossible toys has ever considered remolding him into the Alligatorcon from the G1 episode City of Steel.  Optimus Prime was taken apart and rebuilt into an alligator like creature.  Looking at Alicon, if you remove all this spikes, reshape his animal head (or not, it could still work) give him an Optimus Prime robot head, and remold his robot arms to become the front alligator legs, he would be a perfect Alligatorcon.  Of course, I would be okay with a straight repaint even if it wasn’t quite accurate.

After writing the above paragraph, I just read that Impossible Toys has gone out of business.  So much for that.

I highly recommend Alicon, especially since some online retailers have him on clearance pretty cheap compared to his original price.

Thanks for reading!

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  2. duoconflywheels says:

    BBTS has them up on pre-order right now for $29.99. At that price I’m buying. Already have 2 of those Quintesson figures on my G1 shelf, so why not have an Alicon to keep my lone Sharkticon company?

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