Blog #565: Toy Preview: Botcon 2014 Ultra Scorponok Prototype

Botcon 2014 Ultra Scorponok Prototype

The fourth toy in this year’s Botcon box set has been announced, and it’s Headmaster Scorponok!  But, before I get ahead (pun intended) of myself, Let’s start with the beginning.



Okay, so, we start off with the announcement.  It’s Scorponok and he has a Nebulon, with the obvious suggestion that he is a Headmaster.  They call him “Olin, son of Zarak”.  In a later tweet they called in Olin Zarak (he’s a pirate by the way).  Personally, I think you stick to one or the other.  He is either “Olin, son of Zarak” (Klingon style) or “Olin Zarak”.  It’s a very small thing, but I don’t think the two are interchangeable.

Then came this tweet.


A friend of mine and I started speculating.  What toy would almost fill the box and be a Headmaster.  Our first thought was Energon Omega Supreme.  The original was a Headmaster, and he was used last year, so presumably the mold would be available.  It would certainly stretch the limitations of the box.  The major problem with this idea was that they would have to up the price of the box set by a lot (which is by no means impossible given Fun Pub’s track record of greed and price gouging).  This seemed the most likely but at the same time most implausible idea.  (Why does this matter at all?  I’ll get back to this in a minute.)

I however guessed right, exactly right as it turned out.  Hooray for me.  (That was sarcasm FYI.)



Cybertron Scorponok repainted and modified for a Headmaster.  I called it exactly.  Awesome, but more important is how they did it.



Now, I may be making too much of it, but letting them take a part from one toy, remold it, and then (presumably) remold another toy so that it can connect to it, is a pretty big deal.  We have seen parts other than heads remolded before.  Thrust’s wings in 2007, but I can’t think of any others off the top of my head.  Still, this seems like a pretty big deal.  True, this could be a one time thing for the anniversary, but going forward it opens up considerable possibilities.

Of course, we don’t know how much they might jack up the price of the box set because of this.  If it’s a lot, I might have been happier with a straight repaint in Scorponok colors.  Only time will tell.

I take my shots at the club where they are deserved, and they are very often deserved, but they get total credit for this one.  The toy is awesome.

However, back to the question of the set “barely” fitting into the box.  Energon Scorponok is a big toy, but I don’t think he’s so big that fitting in the box with four deluxes is a major problem.  Admittedly I don’t have a Botcon box and Scorponok in front of me.  I could be wrong, but it seems like there would be plenty of room four him with four deluxes.  So, that begs the question, were they just exaggerating about them fitting in the box or is the last toy not a deluxe?



First off, if you’re going to celebrate the 30th anniversary, Scorponok is not the toy I would choose for it.  The anniversary should be celebrated with the truly major characters in the franchise, and I don’t consider Scorponok among them.  Hasbro has done a better job (though NOT with the Thrilling Thirty line itself, that sucks completely) with toys like Springer, Blitzwing, Rhinox, and Tankor, just to name a few.  These are truly majorly important characters in the history of the franchise.  Problem is, none of the truly great characters would fit nicely into their story and theme.  That should not even be a consideration when trying to celebrate an important anniversary.

Being that it sounds like the last toy is also meant to celebrate the 30th anniversary, I would hope it’s at least a voyager.  History would indicate not.  Four Deluxes and one larger toy is about the average for sets, but Scorponk and four deluxes really shouldn’t “barely” fit in the box.  A I said, I could be wrong.  Now, is it possible that Fun Pub is just trying to be dramatic to hype it more.

I’m very much looking forward to this one.  I assume registration will be sometime in May considering the GI Joe Convention registration didn’t start until less than a month before the con.  Also, while I’m on the subject of Fun Pub failures, it is now April and the first Subscription Service 2.0 figures still has not shipped.  Is anyone surprised?  I’m not.

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