Blog #540: Toy Reviews: Transformers Generations Deluxe Mini-Con Assault Team with Comic Book (Windshear, Heavy Tread, Runway, Centuritron)


Transformers Generations Deluxe Mini-Con Assault Team with Comic Book (Windshear, Heavy Tread, Runway, Centuritron)

Hasbro has done a nice job celebrating the various Transformers lines for the thirtieth anniversary.  This homage to Armada Mini-Cons seems to be larger than most Armada Mini-Cons, but they look great.  Also, it should be noted that mine was packaged with the comic book upside down.  I haven’t seen one of those before in this line, but I’m sure it’s not the only one.




Windshear is easily the best of the three Mini-Cons.  His helicopter mode is great and he has the best proportioned robot mode of the team.  He doesn’t have a lot of painted details, but he looks really nice.





Runway’s jet mode is awesome.  Unfortunately, they did not paint his robot weapon/vehicle engines as they did in the back of the box photo above.  This is nothing new for Hasbro to cheap out on paint apps, but it really takes away from this toy.  I like his robot mode, but his legs seem large compared to the rest of his body.




Heavytread’s tank mode is awesome, but his robot mode isn’t so good.  His head seems too small and is set down between his shoulders.  It makes him look a lot like Movie (2007) Brawl/Devastator.  He’s not terrible, but not as nice as his teammates.



Awesome.  Centuritron looks amazing, much better than any previous Mini-Con combiner (I think there were just two, Armada Perceptor and his Energon remold).  It’s just unfortunate that his gun is not painted, as that would have given him a little more color.

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