Blog #514: Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World


Spoiler Free Section

Thor 2 reunites all the principal cast, with the exception of Josh Dallas who played Fandral in the original movie, and was likely busy being Prince Charming on Once Upon a Time. He is replaced by Zachary Levi who is best known for playing Chuck Bartowski on Chuck, who I couldn’t really see in the role, but he was an excellent replacement. Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Jaimie Alexander (Sif), Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) Idris Elba (Frigga), Kat Dennings (Darcy Lewis), and Stellan Skarsgård (Erik Selvig) all give amazing performances. There was literally not one who was not stellar.

Notably absent from that list is Tadanobu Asano of the Warriors Three, who has just a couple of brief scenes, so we really don’t get to see him do anything. In the spoilers section I have a theory as to why.

New cast members Jonathan Howard (Ian Boothby) and Christopher Eccleston (Malekith) both gave great performances as well. The other new cast member, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko on Lost), had only a few lines and scenes before he spent the rest of the movie in a helmet and roaring in rage. There was also an unexpected guest appearance, but I’ll save that for the spoilers section.

While everyone was excellent in this film, Tom Hiddleston as Loki seems absolutely incapable of not stealing the show from whoever he is on screen with (which is not a bad thing). The only time I can ever remember anyone staling a scene from him was a couple of times in Avengers with Robert Downey, Jr.

The story is excellent, picking up from both the events of Avengers and Thor, though it is a little unclear on the timeline (more on that in the spoilers section). Not anything to lose sleep over, but it would have been nice to have it clarified a bit.

The basic unspoloilered plot (what you get in the first three minutes) is that the leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith, long believed destroyed along with the rest of his race by Thor’s Grandfather, Bor, is hell bent on obtaining the weapon stolen from him, a weapon that can return the universe to the darkness that existed before the nine realms were created.

There was only one thing I was disappointed with. I don’t really think it’s a spoiler, but I will err on the side of caution and leave that for the spoilers section.

That’s really all I have without spoilers. One important note. If you are going to go see it, make sure you stay through ALL the credits. There are two credits scenes. The one in the middle of the credits is to set up future events and completely blew my mind. The one at the end of the credits is really the end of the movie, so if you leave early, you’re really missing out. (It is hugely important, unlike the shawarma scene at the end of Avengers, which was just for a laugh.)

Spoilers Ahead – You’ve been warned.

“Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” – Captain America, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Before The Dark World started, we got an extended preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This preview mainly consisted of slightly extended versions of some of the scenes we’ve already seen in the trailers, so there wasn’t a huge amount of new stuff. However, we did get to see the whole elevator scene, parts of which have been in previous trailers. Nothing like watching Cap single handedly beating the crap out of an elevator full of bad guys. It will be really interesting to see this scene in context, since he seems to know at least one of the guys, and is not initially bothered when they get on the elevator. This would suggest that wherever he is at the time, he isn’t expecting an attack from these people.

It was an awesome preview, a great taste of what’s to come next year, a year that will include FOUR Marvel Comics movies (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Guardians of the Galaxy) not to mention RoboCop, Godzilla, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Hercules, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Hobbit: There and Back Again, just to name a few. Next year is shaping out to be an amazing year for movies, and I don’t care what anyone says, sequels and reboots are awesome, and as long as they keep making them, I’ll keep watching them.

Anyway, on to The Dark World.

The movie opens with Anthony Hopkin’s Odin narrating scenes of the battle against Malekith and the Dark Elves long ago. Every some number of years, 5000 I think, there is a convergence, when all the nine realms come into alignment. At this time, Malekith can use a powerful weapon called the Aether to destroy all light and return the universe to darkness. He sacrifices his people to escape and Bor orders the Aether hidden where no one will find it.

I thought this was a great way to introduce the back story. It’s not as if people don’t know the basic premise from the trailers, so you really aren’t giving anything away.

“Hello mother. Have I made you proud?” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Next we move to Asgard, as a chained Loki is brought before his father for some witty banter (on Loki’s part. Anthony Hopkins is amazing as Odin, but I wouldn’t call his dialogue witty). It seems that it has been some time, though we can’t be sure how long, since he was returned to Asgard following the Avengers. (More on the timeline later.)

Odin decrees that it will be their last meeting, that Loki will be held permanently in the dungeon and that Frigga, Odin’s wife and Loki’s adoptive mother, will no longer be allowed to visit him. Odin also says that Thor will be king once he puts the nine realms in order. (This is part of what puts the timeline into question for me.)

“I’ve got this completely under control!” – Sif
“Is that why everything is on fire?” – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Leaving Asgard, the scene shifts to Vanaheim (I think, these realms are hard to keep straight). There is a battle going on between Asgardian forces and an enemy, but we are really never told who they are.

Jaimie Alexander is so awesome as Sif, I really hope down the road she gets an expanded role in a Marvel movie. Unfortunately this is true of a lot of the secondary Marvel characters (Don Cheadle as War Machine and all of the warriors three also fit in that category).

“Perhaps next time we should start with the big one.” – Fandral, Thor: The Dark World

Thor destroys an enormous rock creature forcing the enemies to surrender. Following the battle, Hogun, who is apparently from this realm, stays behind, though I missed exactly why he was staying. My guess is to rebuild. Not sure why they did this. He shows up in one scene briefly later, bur really doesn’t do anything of importance in the movie. The only thing I can think of is that later in the movie, all his allies have a reason to stay behind, and they didn’t want to come up with another obstacle to stop Hogun from going on with them.

Back to Asgard Odin urges Thor to forget about Jane, to revel in his deeds and those of his compatriots, and all but tells him he should be with Sif.

We then get the obligatory shirtless Thor scene as he’s brooding over Jane.

Thor is with Fandral and Volstagg reveling in their victory and enjoying life, but he’s not really enjoying himself. He leaves, running in to Sif. She clearly has her heart set on Thor, but Thor is obviously not interested and, as he apparently does every night, heads off.

In London we find Jane having dinner with some guy. Hilarity ensues. Darcy shows up and more hilarity ensues, which includes some not to subtle references to the fact that Jane is still hopefully hooked on Thor.

Darcy has brought along a device that is showing odd readings. Darcy claims the readings are what Erik was talking about before he went nuts. Though, we’re not clear if this was from the events of Avengers, or if he went nuts again after that. My guess would be the former, but it really isn’t clear at this point (though it will become so later).

We meet Darcy’s intern Ian, who is mainly for comic relief, and Jane tries to call Erik.

We see a news report of a naked Erik Selvig at Stonehenge scaring the tourists and being arrested. (I hope Hawkeye has dealt better with being Loki’s puppet…or perhaps it would be funnier if he hasn’t?)

“That doesn’t seem right.” – Darcy Lewis, Thor: The Dark World

We go to an abandoned warehouse where the readings are originating from. They meet some kids who show them some odd things they found. Gravity wells that allow them to lift a truck in the air and spin it around. They throw a bottle into a stairwell, where it vanishes into an invisible anomaly and appears above them, falling down again into the anomaly. When Ian throws the car keys in and they don’t come back, the kids tell them that sometimes things don’t come back.

“I haven’t seen readings like this since…” – Jane Foster
“New Mexico.” – Darcy Lewis, Thor: The Dark World

Jane goes off looking at the readings on her hand held device and is pulled into an anomaly. She finds herself in a strange underground cave where a pillar sits. We knows from earlier in the movie that this pillar contains the Aether. It reaches out and touches Jane. She doesn’t seem to be hurt at this point.

Malekith and his crew are awakened. It is not clear here, if Malekith would have awoken had Jane not inadvertently discovered the Aether. Later Thor claims that had she not found it Malekith would have gotten his hands on it sooner. It doesn’t seem that way, that she just happened to find it as they woke up. A line explaining this would have been nice. I don’t have a problem with her having inadvertently caused this entire mess, I’d just like to know that is what happened.

Back on Asgard Thor goes to see Heimdall. They talk a little, but it ends quickly when Heimdall says he can’t see Jane.

We seen Jane, floating in a red swirl of Aether.

Jane wakes up in the building, seemingly uninjured. She gets outside to find out that Darcy has called the cops. Jane is upset about that, until Darcy tells her that she has been gone for five hours.

“Typical” – Darcy Lewis, Thor: The Dark World

Suddenly it starts to rain, accept for in a ring around Jane and Darcy. They turn around, and Thor is standing a ways away. Jane goes to him, the ring of no rain following her and leaving Darcy in the rain.

Jane slaps Thor twice, first to make sure he’s real, and then for not coming back to her. Thor tells her that when the Bifrost was destroyed, the nine realms were plunged into Chaos. This makes sense since they could not travel to other worlds without the Bifrost.

However, this is where we needs some timeline clarification. The Bifrost had not been repaired by the time of Avengers, since Loki notes that Odin would have had to summon dark energy to send Thor to earth. So, Asgard has only been fighting to bring order back to the nine realms since sometime after Avengers when the Bifrost was apparently repaired. This makes the issue, how long was it between Thor and Thor: The Dark World, and where did Avengers fall between them? If the Bifrost was not rebuilt by the time Avengers came up then those other realms must have been in some pretty serious trouble when they finally got it repaired, but Asgard would have had to restore order very quickly.

It’s really a minor thing, but it just feels like it would have had to take a long time for the realms to fall into chaos, but that Asgard quelled the unrest pretty quickly. The Marvel comic universe has always had its share of timeline inconsistencies, and this really is a small one, but an answer would have been nice. The smart thing to have done would be to say that they used the tesseract to repair the Bifrost. This would also help explain why it’s destruction seemed to leave them so completely isolated at the end of the first movie.

Jane and Thor reconcile, and Darcy asks him to stop the rain. Jane tries to talk to the cops who are frisking and arresting Ian. The cops intend to arrest them all for trespassing.

“This woman is unwell.” – Thor
“She’s dangerous!” – Random Cop
“So am I.” – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

A cop grabs Jane’s arm and the Aether reacts violently, so Thor calls Heimdall and the Bifrost brings them both to Asgard.

The scene shifts to Malekith and his minions planning.

Back on Asgard, they don’t know what is wrong with Jane. Jane has a bit of back and forth with one of the attendants, over what the machine they are using on her is. It’s been a while since I watched the first Thor, but I don’t recall that they really made it clear how much advanced technology, and not just magic, the Asgardians possess. We see a lot more of it later. Maybe they did show a lot of it in the first movie, and I just forgot.

Odin is not at all happy that Jane was brought to Asgard and orders her sent home. I’m not really sure if he’s more upset that Thor is continuing to pine for her over Odin’s objections, or just is upset that he brought a mortal to Asgard. It’s probably a bit of both. When one of the guards tries to grab Jane, the Aether reacts, and Odin realizes that it is the Aether.

Odin assures Thor that all the Dark Elves are dead and has no idea how to remove the Aether from Jane. It is very clear that she cannot survive unless they can remove it.

Back with Malekith, he gives Algrim, his second in command, a stone to turn him into one of the Kursed. Malekith stabs him and puts the stone into the wound, and then gives him a helmet. He then infiltrates Asgard being brought in as a prisoner.

“He’s not my father!” – Loki
“Then am I not your mother.” – Frigga
“You’re not.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Frigga, visits Loki as an image, the same magic that Loki uses. In spite of the above dialogue, this scene very much reinforces that while Loki may hate his adoptive father, he very much loves Frigga.

Thor explains the convergence to Jane and Jane meets Frigga.

Algrim uses the stone to become one of the Kursed. He breaks out of his cell and starts breaking out the other prisoners. He leaves Loki, but Loki tells him which stairway to use.

Thor leaves Jane with Frigga. Though Odin is acting as if this is a minor thing, Frigga knows it is clearly not. She grabs a sword and takes Jane to safety, telling her to do exactly as she says.

Somewhere in here there is a moment where Sif gives a sideward glance at Jane. The one thing we never get in the movie that I was really hoping for is a scene with Sif and Jane. I would not expect Sif to give up on Thor, but I would have liked to have some kind of understanding between them. I think it could have been an interesting scene.

“It’s as if they resent being imprisoned.” – Fandral
“There is no pleasing some creatures.” – Volstagg, Thor: The Dark World

Heimdall realizes that a cloaked ship is attacking and exposes it, only to realize it is just one of many ships attacking Asgard. The battle begins, and we see more of Asgard’s advanced technology in the form of laser cannons and flying Viking style boats.

Heimdall raises the palace shield, another bit of advanced technology, but Kurse destroys the shield generator and the shield falls.

Malekith’s ship crashes into the palace and a battle begins. Malekith destroys the thrown of Asgard with an implosion grenade (at least that’s what I’m thinking of them as) as he walks by, a very symbolic action.

“Where is the Aether.” – Malekith
“I’ll never tell you.” – Frigga
“I believe you.” – Malekith, Thor: The Dark World

Malekith goes after Jane. Frigga attacks Malekith. The battle is short, but she does wound him, which is really awesome. Frigga is a bad ass.

Kurse grabs Frigga, and Malekith discovers that Jane isn’t really there, but just one of Frigga’s illusions. Kurse runs Frigga through with a sword just before Thor and Odin arrive and Malekith and Kurse escape.

They have a traditional Viking funeral, Frigga’s body and that of all dead are placed in boats and set fire to with flaming arrows. Just before Frigga’s boat, the one in the lead, goes over the falls, Odin bangs his staff on the ground, and the boat does not fall, but floats in the air. Frigga’s body turns to light and seems to be dispersed into the universe, as the boat falls away. Back on shore, the mourners release glowing balls of light into the air.

I would have liked to understand a little better if Odin banging his staff on the ground was symbolic, or somehow caused what happened to Frigga’s body. Also, we don’t know if what happened to her body happens to all of them or not, because we never see the rest go over the falls.

A soldier goes to Loki and tells him that his mother is dead. There is no sound for this scene (which works beautifully). Loki stands up, momentarily emotionless and turns away from the camera. He clenches his fists, and a burst of magic destroys most of the furniture in his cell.

“Any questions?” – Erik Selvig
“Yeah, can I have my shoe back?” – Mental Patient played by Stan Lee, Thor: The Dark World

Back in London Erik Selvig is explaining the convergence, with the aid of two shoes, one not his own. When he’s done, we see that he’s actually in a psych ward, and Stan Lee is one of the mental patients and ass for his shoe back. This has got to be one of the best Stan Lee cameos.

“Then how are you different from Malekith?” – Thor
“The difference, my son, is I will win.” – Odin, Thor: The Dark World

A grieving Odin orders Jane held captive to protect the Aether. The attack has left Asgard all but defenseless. Odin wants Malekith to come to Asgard, but Thor wants to go to Svartalfheim so that Malekith can take the Aether from Jane, and they can destroy it before Malekith can consume it.

The next sequence is really well done. We switch back and forth between Thor, Heimdall, Sif, Volstagg, and Fandral planning how to escape Asgard with Jane, and them actually carrying out the plan. It’s really well played out. I’m going to skip describing the planning scene, since there is not much to describe, and just explain what actually happens.

Thor goes to Loki, to find him seemingly is good spirits in his cell. Thor knows it’s an illusion. Loki ends the illusion to find him a complete mess sitting against a wall with everything in the cell destroyed. This is Loki at his very lowest. Thor offers Loki a chance for vengeance, and Loki is not about to turn that down, but Thor promises to kill him if he betrays him.

I absolutely loved this. In the trailers they kept showing that Thor and Loki would team up, but they never told us why. I kept asking myself the question, what would possibly make Thor do that? Now we have the answer, and it’s a great one.

As Thor and Loki are making there way out of the dungeon, Loki has some fun with his illusions, first becoming an Asgardian soldier, then turning Thor into Sif. Loki then becomes Captain America, and we get a Chris Evans cameo. This is a hysterical scene, partly because playing Captain America, Chris Evans doesn’t get to be funny very much. This scene gives him a chance to, and it is hilarious. Thor throws Loki against a wall and then put handcuffs on him.

Sif then gets Jane away from the guards and they meet up with Thor and Loki. Jane slaps Loki.

“That was for New York.” – Jane Foster
“I like her.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Sif is going to stay behind to hold off the guards. Before Thor, Loki and Jane leave, Sif puts her sword to Loki’s throat.

“Betray him and I’ll kill you.” – Sif, Thor: The Dark World

The trio goes on to meet up with Volstagg who is waiting by Malekith’s crashed, but apparently still functional, ship.

They leave Volstagg to cover their escape, but before they go, he grabs Loki’s arm.

“If you even think of betraying him…” – Volstagg
“You’ll kill me? Evidently there will be a line.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Aboard Malekith’s ship, Thor has some issues getting it airborne. This begins one of the best sequences in the movie.

“I thought you said you new how to fly this thing.” – Loki
“I said, how hard could it be?” – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Thor causes just a bit of damage getting the ship off the ground.

“I think you missed a column.” – Loki
“Shut up.” – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Loki takes issue with Thor’s flying.

“Look, why don’t you let me take over, I’m clearly the best pilot!” – Loki
“Is that right? Out of the two of us, which one can actually fly?” – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

“Now they’re following us.” ]The pursuing ships start firing at them.] “Now they’re firing at us!” – Loki
“Yes, thank you for the commentary, Loki, it’s not at all distracting!” – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Thor chops the head off of a statue of Bor as he flies by.

“Well done! You just decapitated your grandfather.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Thor throws Loki out of the ship, grabs Jane, and jumps out after her. While the pursing ships continue after Malekith’s ship, they land in a flying boat piloted by Fandral. They still have one pursuer, so Fandral jumps to the other boat and knocks everyone out. This leaves Thor, Loki, and an unconscious Jane on the boat.

“Loki, are you mad?” – Thor
“Possibly.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Loki pilots them through a narrow tunnel which gets them to Svartalfheim. Thor and Loki start to argue.

“She wouldn’t want us to fight,” – Thor
“Well she wouldn’t exactly be shocked.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

“Are you alright?” – Ian Boothby
“I’ve had a god in my brain. I don’t recommend it.” – Erik Selvig, Thor: The Dark World

Back in London, Darcy and Ian get Erik out of the psych ward. This is a very funny scene, and we discover that Erik is on quite a few prescription drugs. It does sort of clear up the timeline. Erik was apparently aware of the convergence be the events of Avengers, or else he couldn’t have talked about the odd readings before he went nuts.

“Why are you smiling?” – Darcy Lewis
“There is nothing more reassuring than realizing the world is crazier than you are.” – Erik Selvig, Thor: The Dark World

Outside the hospital, they see a flock of birds disappear and then reappear coming out of the ground around their feet. Clearly the anomalies are getting worse and more widespread.

Back on Svartalfheim, Loki appears to betray Thor, stabbing him and then cutting off his hand. This is the only really predictable scene in the movie, as it is very obvious that Loki wants revenge on Malekith far more than he does on Thor. After Malekith pulls the Aether from Jane, the illusion is dropped and Thor uses lightening to destroy the Aether as Loki protects Jane. Is Loki truly redeemed? That will be a question for another movie.

Unfortunately, the plan does not work. Thor’s lightning does not destroy the Aether, and it joins with Malekith.

This did bring up one issue for me. When Loki uses an illusion to make it look like Thor’s hand has been cut off, Mjolnir flies right by him. Can Loki’s illusions fool Mjolnir? Maybe that was established somewhere in the Marvel universe, but I wasn’t sure.

Thor saves Loki from one of Malekith’s implosion grenade things.

Kurse stays behind as Malekith escapes.

“See you in hell monster.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Loki kills several elves and then saves Thor from Kurse by driving a sword through Kurse’s back, but Kurse pulls Loki towards him impaling him on the sword. Loki however, activated an implosion grenade on Kurse’s hip, and he is destroyed.

“I’ll tell father what you did here today.” – Thor
“I didn’t do it for him.” – Loki, Thor: The Dark World

Loki dies in Thor’s arms. There is a storm, apparently whipped up by Thor’s grief. He and Jane take shelter in a cave. Jane’s cell phone rings, it’s Richard, the guy she was out with at the beginning of the movie, and hilarity ensures. She finds the car keys they threw into the anomaly on earth, and realize that this is the other end. They use the anomaly to get back to earth and the car that is still there to get back to where Darcy, Ian, and Erik are. Not sure where this is. Darcy had mentioned that Jane was staying at her mom’s house, which must mean her mom lives in London, something we didn’t know before. Since we don’t meet her mom, I assume this is Darcy, Ian, or Erik’s house, but they never clarify this point.

Erik has no pants on for the scene when Thor and Jane arrive, and it’s hilarious. I wish I had the quotes.

Back on Asgard, a soldier returns from Svartalfheim and tells Odin that he found Loki’s body, though it is very clear that the soldier actually is Loki. It certainly seemed to me like Odin was taking the news harder than he lets on. For all his anger at Loki, he still raised him as his son, and I don’t think Odin’s heart has turned to stone. If nothing else, I can imagine him thinking about how hard Frigga would have taken Loki’s death. On the other hand, it’s clear that Loki is enjoying Odin’s pain.

Back on earth, they realize that the focal point of the convergence will be in Greenwich, and that is where Malekith will need to go to use the Aether to destroy all light in the universe. When they get to Greenwich, the other realms are visible through portals in the sky as they move toward convergence.

They think they can use the devices Erik built to detect the anomaly to control or alter how and when they appear. Malekith’s ship arrives and as he and Thor fight. Jane tries to use the anomalies to stop Malekith’s soldiers with some success and some hilarity.

As Thor and Malekith fight, they start falling in an out of the anomalies along with debris like cars. This is an awesome sequence with cars falling out of the sky and the battle shifting quickly from place to place. They end up on Svartalfheim and I think, Jotunheim, where they pick up one of the giant creatures they fought in the first movie. Back on earth that creature attacks some of the Dark Elves.

Ian with the help of one of the gravitational anomalies uses a car to smash some Dark Elf soldiers and saves Darcy, leading to them kissing. Darcy is funny, I’d love to see them have her makes some guest appearances on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thor ends up in the subway (or I guess they call it the tube) and asks a woman who is on a train with the doors open how to get to Greenwich. She tells him this train, three stops, and he gets on the train. When it starts she falls against him.

Somewhere in here, two military jets try to attack Malekith’s command ship, but are sucked up into another realm. This is where we see Hogun again as he looks up at the jets. We never find out if they crash or manage to find their way back, I don’t think. (We might have seen them crash, I don’t know.)

A storm starts to swirl around the base of Malekith’s command ship. Malekith enters the maelstrom and starts to get bigger (at least it looked like he was getting larger). Thor goes inside the storm and throws the devices that Erik made at Malekith, while Jane uses the other device to send first parts of him, and then all of him to other realms.

In the process, Thor is knocked out. Jane tries to move him, but can’t, and Malekith’s command ship is about to collapse on them. Erik manages to use an anomaly to send the ship to Svartalfheim where it falls on Malekith, apparently killing him.

Thor wakes up as Ian and Darcy kiss again.

We jump to two days later, Jane, Darcy, Ian, and Erik are having breakfast and it’s been two days and Thor has not returned. Jane is clearly depressed.

Back on Asgard, Odin offers Thor the throne. Thor tells him he can’t, that he’s going back to Earth to be with Jane. Odin, in truly Asgardian dialogue, gives his passive acceptance of Thor’s decision, and just as passively tells Thor that he’s proud of him. Thor offers him Mjolnir, but Odin says that he should keep it as long as he is worthy of it.

After Thor leaves, it is revealed that it is Loki in disguise and not Odin upon the throne. So, we’re left not knowing if Odin is dead or held captive. My guess would be that he is Loki’s captive (or maybe that’s just my hope, since Anthony Hopkins is so damn good as Odin). This would likely be a central plot point of Thor 3. As Frigga is dead, there really is no way anyone would know Loki is sitting on the throne as king of Asgard, and no one is aware of it.

Warning, the mid and end credits scene contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly next week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The credits roll, but as with most all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, it’s not over yet. The mid credit scene shows Volstagg and Sif delivering the Aether to The Collector, being played by Benicio Del Toro. He had been reportedly up for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy, and now we know who he will play. (I’m not sure it had previously been revealed, but I could be out of the loop.) The Collector, whose real name is Taneleer Tivan, is an elder of the universe who collects rare and powerful items and beings. James Gunn who is directing Guardians of the Galaxy, and directed the mid credits scene called The Collector an “outer space Liberace.”

Volstagg tells The Collector that with the tesseract in Asgard, it’s not safe to keep two infinity stones in the same place. After they leave, The Collector says, “one down, five to go.” Admittedly I was a little confused by this, but they are apparently making some alterations from past stories.

Kevin Feige has confirmed that the tesseract (which was used in Captain America: The First Avenger and Avengers) is one of the Infinity Gems, also called Infinity Stones at times. The Aether is another. Apparently, Guardians of the Galaxy may very well focus on another stone. There are six altogether, and this would seem to be leading up to Avengers 3, as to my knowledge Ultron has never had anything to do with the Infinity Stones, so they likely wouldn’t be used in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Credit this post for much of the information about the mid credit scene and Infinity Stones.

After the rest of the credits run, we go back to Earth and Jane sitting at the table not really eating. (Darcy, Ian, and Erik are there, but we still don’t know whose house this is) Thor arrives and he and Jane kiss, and we have the happy ending. Then we see the lot where the building where the anomaly was first found is, and the creature from Jotunheim stomping around the parking lot.

It was announced recently that the November 19th episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be a crossover with Thor: The Dark World. Now, it was mentioned by Darcy at one point in the movie that S.H.I.E.L.D. was not returning her calls. It could be that something big will be happening on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is why they didn’t respond and a mention of the events in London will be the extent of the crossover. It is also possible that their involvement will be dealing with the creature from Jotunheim stomping around London. It could also be cleanup in Greenwich. It could be any number of things, this is all speculation, but the complete absence of S.H.I.E.L.D. from the move is very, very odd. I for one can’t wait to see what the crossover is.

Update: The preview for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to revolve around a spear, a godly weapon, presumably relating to Asgard. There was nothing about a spear in Thor: The Dark World. Guess we’ll need to wait a few more days before we know for sure.

Now, since Thor will be living on Earth for the foreseeable future, this brings up some questions. What is he going to do? He’s not a scientist, so it’s not like he can help Jane, Darcy, and Erik with their research. He doesn’t really have any qualifications to have any kind of normal job. He could work for S.H.I.E.L.D., I suppose, or just fly around the world helping people. Though, I would imagine living a normal life with Jane would be difficult, as Thor would draw quite a crowd of fans, not to mention Paparazzi. Does this mean he will concoct some secret identity? They already used Dr. Donald Blake as his name in the first movie, but that was also a real person. Not to mention that Thor isn’t a doctor. There was the other Thor alter ego in the comics, the paramedic Jake Olson, but again, there is no reason to think he would be able to be a paramedic. I will be curious to see what they do.

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I’m 36 years old, and I work in network tech support for a public school system. I am a huge fan of Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter, and Marvel Comics as well as numerous other fandoms. I’m a big sports fan, especially the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. I collect toys (mostly Transformers but other stuff too), comic books, and Red Sox baseball cards. I watch an obscene amount of television and love going to the movies. I am hopelessly addicted to Wizard Rock and I write Harry Potter Fanfiction, though these days I am working on a couple of different original YA novels.
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