Blog #360: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Legion 2013 Wave 2 (Hun-Gurrr, Prowl, Soundwave)

Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Legion 2013 Wave 2 (Hun-Gurrr, Prowl, Soundwave)




Vehicle Mode: Hun-Gurrr is the second member of the Terrorcons.  Unlike the original G1 toy, Cyberverse Legion Hun-Gurrr stands on his hind legs like a T-Rex, where he originally walked on all fours.  I really like the new design and overall look of the toy, though he could use a little more paint on the gray plastic.


Robot Mode: I like his robot mode, but there is an issue with his beast claws.  If you fold them up, they stick out to the side at an angle.  They can’t fold up against his forearm, partially due to the overhang from his shoulders over his elbow, and partially because the claw won’t bend that far without popping off the.  It’s not a major thing, but he looks silly with the claws up at an angle, so he has to keep them deployed like weapons.  Not bad looking, but it could have been better.

By my count there are only four more Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion figures coming out (based on Hasbro stating that there would be eleven toys this year, and we have now seen seven of them) so three of the last four are the remaining Terrorcons.  This is still making me nervous that we may run into end of line issues finding the last ones.




(With Smokescreen)

Vehicle Mode: Prowl is a repaint and remold of Cyberverse Legion Smokescreen.  He looks great, I just wish they had given him a different weapon.  There is no good place or way to mount the hammer as a gun on him.


(With Smokescreen)

Robot Mode: Prowl’s robot mode could use a few more paint apps on his legs, but is otherwise nice.




Vehicle Mode: Well, it’s taken long enough to get a Legion Soundwave, and it was worth the wait.  This is the best version of Soundwave in the entire Prime line (which is really quite depressing if you think about it).  The deluxe versions have been lousy for various reasons, and we haven’t seen him in any other price point.  My only complaint is that when you put his gun on top of the vehicle it’s pointing right at his own cockpit.  This would seem oddly appropriate if we were talking about Starscream, but for Soundwave, not so much.


Robot Mode: His robot mode looks nice, but it could have used some more purple highlights.  He’s very plain and very dark.

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    A fellow Red Sox fan! Nice blog. You a M.a. resident too?

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