Blog #257: Toy Review: Transformers Prime Voyager Dreadwing

Transformers Prime Voyager Dreadwing

Vehicle Mode:  The gun is crap.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  Moving on.  The jet mode looks awesome with the exception of the half circle gray plastic piece under the fuselage.  That’s not a huge deal.  However, there is a problem with the design.  The back end of the cockpit is a separate translucent yellow plastic piece.  Behind the yellow plastic is a plate that the head mounts to inside the fuselage.  The wings flip down on the side of this.  None of it clips together, and it’s easy for it to move out of place.  Even putting the gun in the hole will leave it all out of whack.  The back end has some similar, but less severe issues with the arms.  They have a place to connect in, but they don’t stay.  Overall the vehicle mode looks fantastic.  I love the dark blue and gold.  I just think it needed a few more tweaks on the design board.  Unfortunately, the only storage for his sword is under his wing, which looks silly.

Robot Mode:  In robot mode he looks positively awesome.  The gold paint and translucent yellow plastic look great with the dark blue.  He’s well proportioned and the head sculpt is absolutely fantastic.

Right now this toy is crazy hard to find.  I found this one hidden on an upper shelf at TRU likely by an employee who is no doubt really pissed off right now.  It’s a pretty great toy, but I wouldn’t pay big bucks for it.  It will eventually be easy to find, and it’s not so good that it’s worth spending a lot on it.

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