Blog #82: Toy Reviews: Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Commanders Wave 1 w/DVD

Just picked these up today.  Before I get to the reviews though, I’m a bit confused (nothing new, really).  All the lists and preorders I’ve seen online for these indicate a Wave 1 that includes Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream, a Wave 2 that adds Bulkhead to the mix, and then a DVD Wave that has all four with a mini DVD included.  I have yet to see any without the DVD in stores (though in fairness, I’ve only seen these once).  I’m not sure what to make of that.  It doesn’t really seem worth releasing them with the DVD and then without.  Usually they go the other way around so you have to buy at least one toy again to get the DVD.  I have not heard that the DVD version would be a store exclusive, though I suppose that it a possibility.  So, I’m not sure what this means, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Optimus Prime

Vehicle Mode:  The vehicle mode has one glaring flaw.  The sides of the cab are missing, showing the shoulder joint (labeled “1” below as if you couldn’t figure it out yourself).  What kills me about this one is how easy it would have been to fix.  All they would have needed is a flap on his forearm that would have flipped up to cover (labeled “2” below).  After the amazing Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander molds, this is very disappointing.  Vehicle mode is otherwise nice, but it can’t make up for the flaw.

Robot Mode:  Very nice overall.  The weapons on him (and the rest of the commanders) are hard plastic instead of the cheap plastic used for the Cyberverse Legion toys’ weapons.  He does look a little improperly proportioned.  His feet are enormous and stick way out in front of his body, while his upper body sticks out farther back than his heels.  These are minor things though.

Overall: Nice, just a few flaws, but that vehicle mode just looks bad from the sides.

Grade: B-


Vehicle Mode: Vehicle mode is just okay, but a lot of that has to do with his overall design.  I still think the First Edition Deluxe Megatron is the best TF:Prime Megatron by far.

Robot Mode: This continues the trend of TF:Prime Megatrons having excellent robot modes.  I like the translucent purple plastic.  Could have used a couple more paint apps, but still very nice.

Overall: Pretty good, but definitely nothing special.

Grade: B


Vehicle Mode: His vehicle mode looks amazing.  It has nice pain apps and everything clicks into place tightly.

Robot Mode: Very nice.  Would have been nice if the wheels sticking out on his back could fold in, but that’s really very minor.

Overall: Awesome, on par with DotM Guzzle and Powerglide, the best of this class so far.

Grade: A+


Vehicle Mode: Not bad, but his oddly shaped feet stick up on the back of the jet.  Nice otherwise.

Robot Mode: He has a nice head sculpt and detailed torso, but his spindly legs and those odd feet that make him hard to stand up.

Overall: Not bad, but they have yet to make a really good Starscream.  I’m holding out hope for the Voyager.

Grade: B+

Transformers Artifact of the Week

This is a Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive Bot Shots Optimus Prime.  What makes it a Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive is the sticker that says “Toy Fair 2012”.  Yeah.  Not so impressive.  Last year they had an RPM and Speed Star Optimus Prime that was custom painted and packaged.  This just seems cheap.  The toy does appear to the identical to the retail version.  You can find this and over 7500 other items at

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