Blog #81: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Bumblebee & Starscream

The second Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack is of course also not released in the USA.  This is an Asia exclusive.

I’ve included comparison pictures with the previous releases of the toys.

Left to Right: TF Prime Entertainment Pack, TF Prime First Edition, and TF Prime First Edition NYCC Exclusive.

Bumblebee: This is the Transformers Prime First Edition Bumblebee repainted.  He’s more orange than the regular version of the toy.  I really like the blue highlights.  There may be a few less paint apps, but not really enough to notice.

While I was comparing the three toys for mold differences, I found something interesting that I haven’t noticed before about the NYCC exclusive Bumblebee and the Transformers Prime Bumblebee.  The mold for the gun was altered between the NYCC release and the single carded version.  That changed carried over into the Entertainment Pack version.

The gun on the left came from the later Transformers Prime version, while the one on the right is from the NCYY version.  As you can see the one on the left has thicker connectors to store him on the bottom of the vehicle.  If you have the NYCC version of this toy, you know the gun won’t stay on at all.  It’s a minor modification, but, if like me, you’re a variant collector, it’s an important thing to note.

Left to Right: TF Prime Entertainment Pack and TF Prime First Edition.

Starscream: This is the Transformers Prime First Edition Starscream repainted.  I really like the repaint colors, gray with light and dark purple, but with the exception of the tips of the missiles, which are now painted, this one is far less detailed than the original.  Nice overall though.  No mold changes here that I can detect.

Leland “Silas” Bishop and Mech Soldier: These two figures have no joints, but they are fairly nice.  Not much to say about this.

The set also came packed with a DVD containing three episodes.

Thanks for reading!

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I’m 36 years old, and I work in network tech support for a public school system. I am a huge fan of Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter, and Marvel Comics as well as numerous other fandoms. I’m a big sports fan, especially the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. I collect toys (mostly Transformers but other stuff too), comic books, and Red Sox baseball cards. I watch an obscene amount of television and love going to the movies. I am hopelessly addicted to Wizard Rock and I write Harry Potter Fanfiction, though these days I am working on a couple of different original YA novels.
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2 Responses to Blog #81: Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Bumblebee & Starscream

  1. lmb3 says:

    Clyde (CGB),

    Thanks! That’s very interesting. Apparently Hasbro didn’t know what they were talking about at Toy Fair. I wonder if that means the other toys reported as “Asia only” exclusives will ship to Canada. I hope so, that would at least make the shipping cheaper to the USA. Enjoy TFCon.

  2. Clyde (CGB) says:

    Hey man! I just read here that the Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Bumblebee & Starscream are Asia exclusive… They have them here in Canada. I bought mine from Wal-Mart Can. Still have some Prime 1st’s here and there and doing my best to get my hands on as many as possible. TFCon 2012 is coming up in Toronto so… You can guess I’m really excited!!! I’m hoping to clean up!
    Keep up the great work with
    Reguards… CGB \m/

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