Blog #80: Toy Review: Transformers DotM Deluxe Que (AKA Wheeljack)

The mailman was good to me today.  I finally have Que.  Que is one of the deluxe toys canceled by Hasbro.  The toy was meant to be called Wheeljack in the USA, but as of now, only the Japanese version using his movie name have shown up for sale online.  He was intended to ship with Soundwave, who has seen release on an Australian card.  I would have expected Que/Wheeljack to show us also, but as he hasn’t, I’m guessing he never will at this point.  It is important to note that Que is the only movie character to get NO toy release in the USA.  Leadfoot was released as a Human Alliance and Soundwave (and Leadfoot also) were released as Cyberverse Legion toys.  I’m not going to rehash the cancellation issue.  You can look at my previous blog for that.

Vehicle Mode: Que is a blue Mercedes-Benz E550.  He is very detailed, with painted taillights, hood ornament, door handle and the hubcaps (outer circle) all painted.  His headlights are clear plastic and dark tinted windows.  Often the Japanese versions are more detailed, but unless US/Australian carded versions show up, we may never know for sure.

My only real complaint about his vehicle mode is that there does not seem to be any storage for his spear or two small weapons.  His MechTech weapon mounts on the roof.

Robot Mode: Que’s head sculpt is awesome, giving him the “old man” look he had in the movie.  (The name Que was an homage to “Q”, James Bond’s gadget maker.)  His small guns can be held or snap onto the sides of his chest.  His MechTech weapon can attach to his left forearm, or can be held at his side by the handle on top.  He has nicely painted details and molding on his chest.

Now that I have the toy in had, I am even more pissed off that Hasbro didn’t release him here.  He can be found on ebay for around $90-$100 with shipping.  There will be a repaint of him in the upcoming Asia exclusive Transformers Trilogy line.  So nice they are getting repaints while we still haven’t seen him at all.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Blog #80: Toy Review: Transformers DotM Deluxe Que (AKA Wheeljack)

  1. biggiestyle says:

    I love this E550 Mercedes Transformers toy! Did you manage to get the US or Australian version – or was this only a Japan release ?

    I wish you a happy toy hunting and collecting,

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