Blog #73: Toy Reviews: 2012 Transformers Club Exclusives Over-Run and Drift

Just received Over-Run and Drift today.

“Classicverse” Over-Run

I previously did a review of Over-Run based on the pictures.  In that, I went into detail on my thoughts about his name.  I’m not going to rehash it here.  It’s still dumb.

Box: The box art is nice, but as usual, the box is about three times what is necessary to package a deluxe class toy.  The toys would probably be 20% cheaper if they used simpler packaging.  In my previous blog I also talked about the space left inside for Runamuck.  It is nice that it at least has his picture in the background, but both their names should have been on the box with a simple “Runamuck available separately” disclaimer.

Vehicle Mode:  The toy looks amazing.  Black and red is a great colors scheme, and the red tinted windows really make it look nice.  I would have preferred they colored the hubcaps red, but that’s not really a big deal.

Robot Mode: Nicely done robot mode.  Again, would have liked to see red hubcaps on the shoulders.  He has a rub sign on his chest.  Being that it’s black on black, it makes him look a bit plain.  A regular Decepticon logo might have looked better.  It’s got a great head sculpt, but could have used a little red paint on the head, maybe the “vents” on his cheeks and the strip on top of his head.  The gray might look a bit better if it were a little darker, but these are really nitpicks.  This is a great toy.

“Shattered Glass” Drift

Before we get to the toy itself, as you may or may not know, due to a factory screw up, some people received a Drift with either two left side or two right side guns.  Botcon/club toys have had this problem before, and to my knowledge, Fun Publications has always taken care of it. has a posted a message they received from Fun Publications regarding this issue.  Click here to read it in its entirety.  Here are the important parts of it:

“I understand that it is a technicality, but all we said was he would come with two guns.”

“While we would have thought they would have come with a left and right gun, the factory did not seem to think it was necessary…”

“The toy was intended to have two swords which can be stored in the doors and two additional guns included as additional accessories, and ones that were never meant to come with this mold.”

So essentially, their answer is, we promised you two guns, and that’s what you got.


I’ll say that again.  BULLSHIT!

Is anybody actually buying that as a reasonable response?  There is no question the toy was intended to come with one of each weapon, and failure to properly include all pieces of the toy makes it defective.  Period.

They did say this in regard to possible replacements:

“…we may be able to come back to this depending on how many issues are out there. The easiest solution may be for people to bring to BotCon and exchange there.”

“For now though, we can’t take any exchanges…”

As if we need any more evidence of how f*cked up this is, since I bought the two t-shirts, my toys were shipped later.  While my Over-Runs were each in a plastic bag (as club exclusives usually are) my Drifts were not.  I think it’s reasonable to assume that is because they started checking them and swapping the parts when they realized there was a problem.  This is not proof, of course, but having bought two of them, odds are at least one would be wrong if the guns were randomly put in the boxes.  (I’d love to know if anyone who bought t-shirts got on with an incorrect gun.) The very fact that they started correcting them would be proof that one was way was correct and the other way wasn’t.

They say they will look into it later…maybe.  That’s not good enough, nor is it good enough to suggest people should sit on this for two months until Botcon and then have to remember to take small easily lost parts with them to a con.  (And everyone who isn’t going is just screwed.)

If I had received the wrong guns, I would be on the phone with Hasbro, and that’s exactly what I think everyone who got screwed should do.  Yell at Hasbro about Fun Publications refusal to make amends for incorrect parts on a toy.  Hasbro is the only one with the clout to do anything about this.

And there is a question I would really like to hear answered.  How exactly does this happen?  I’ve heard now and then that people get defective main line toys.  That’s why Hasbro has a customer service line for returns and replacements.  Any mass produced item is going to occasionally have an issue.  I had a Heroes of Cybertron Devastator with two left hands once.  But the vast majority of toys are correct.  Why then, does this seem to happen so often with Botcon/Club toys?  Is it Hasbro’s factory that packs these toys, or does Fun Publications have them packed afterwards in their boxes?  Either way, someone is at fault and these problems need to be addressed.

Okay, on to the toy.

Box: I don’t like the art as much as Over-Run.  The “shattered” background doesn’t work for me.  They go out of their way to picture both the sword and gun, which was unnecessary, though not necessarily bad.

Vehicle Mode: I love the color scheme on this toy.  The white striping on the side looks great.  Not a big fan of the Japanese character on the hood, I’d rather it had a Shattered Glass purple Autobot logo on the hood, but that’s a minor thing.  It’s a very nice looking toy.

Robot Mode: Very nice.  I think he could have used a few more white highlights on his legs and arms, but again, that’s minor.  Really nice looking.

Thanks for reading!

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