Blog #1969: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Deluxe Class Runabout

Transformers: Generations: Earthrise Deluxe Class Runabout


Vehicle Mode: Let’s start with the most important thing about Runabout. He has the right name! Back in 2012 Anything-But-Fun Publications Runabout was released under the name Over-Run (though in typical fashion still used Runabout in the fiction, I complain about how stupid that is here) and it was assumed that the name was unavailable, most likely because Paramount held rights to it. The small vessels from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were called runabouts. Eight years later (less than that if you assume Runabout’s been in the pipeline for at least a year) here he is with the proper name, though the box says “Decepticon Runabout”. This suggests that runabout is not a name that can be trademarked on it’s own. This means there was no actual reason Botcon could not have called him “Decepticon Runabout” or “Botcon Runabout”, or anything logical that isn’t Over-Run. Over four years after Anything-But-Fun Publications hold over Transformers ended, we’re still finding out stupid things they did. It’s the gift that keeps on disappointing. As to Earthrise Runabout, he’s awesome. I’ve always preferred his red and black color scheme to Runamuck. The translucent red windows look great. He has minimal paint apps, but he only needs minimal paint apps.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Runabout is perfect. Obviously he is based on the animation and not the toy. While I often prefer toy accuracy, I think everyone can agree, the animation is a much better look for Runabout. G1 Runamuck and Runabout each had different guns. For some reason, Runabout comes with both of them. I have no idea why.

Overall: Runabout is great, though potentially hard to find. I was lucky to get one from the back room on the day he was released, and haven’t seen a single one on shelves since.

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