Blog #2317: Toy Review: Transformers: EarthSpark Deluxe Class Twitch

Transformers: EarthSpark Deluxe Class Twitch


Vehicle Mode: I hate Twitch so much. The top of her robot head is supposed to be the top of the front of her vehicle mode. The problem is that her head is just here framed by plastic with gaps around her head. It needs to fit in tighter so it isn’t obviously the top of her head. She has too many ball joints. Her shoulder joints make it hard to line her arms up when transforming her, and her hip joints make it damn near impossible to transform her at all. To make it worse, she pegs together using these awful rectangular pegs that don’t even go in completely. She’s a complete shit show, a total failure, nothing wants to stay in place.

Robot Mode: Twitch looks okay in robot mode, I like her head sculpt. Unfortunately her legs are too long, her torso is too short, and her head is too big. Her colors and paint apps are great, which is the best thing I have to say about her. She has two yellow bars handing off her, which look like the are supposed to be helicopter rotors in vehicle mode, but she is not a helicopter, and they just plug in to each other to create the top of her vehicle mode. They serve no real purpose accept to get in the way while transforming her.

Overall: Twitch is an abject failure and a complete waste of plastic.

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