Blog #2231: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy Voyager Class Soundwave

Transformers: Legacy Voyager Class Soundwave


Previous Mold Use: Siege Voyager Class Soundwave, 35th Anniversary Voyager Class Soundblaster, Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy Voyager Class Soundwave, Selects Voyager Class Soundblaster

You know, it really pisses me off. I spent a whole year (more than that really) complaining about the awful battle damage paint all over the Siege toys. Do they give us a Sideswipe without it? No, of course not. They give us another Soundwave with that ridiculous alternate mode. Why not give us the Netflix version that people actually want? Hasbro says it’s because it belongs to Walmart. Could Hasbro really have been so stupid as to tie a mold exclusively to only be released by one retailer? Dumb as it would be, they have done it before with characters, and it wouldn’t be the dumbest thing they ever did. Anyway, now we have Soundwave with his idiotic vehicle mode without the battle damage paint, so I guess that’s fine.

Overall: For completists only. Regrettably, I am one.

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