Blog #2228: Toy Review: Transformers: Legacy Titan Class Metroplex

Transformers: Legacy Titan Class Metroplex


Vehicle Mode: Metroplex is pretty faithful to the original toy. I was kind of hoping they would G1-ify him and make him look more like a real bucket-wheel excavator, but they didn’t do that. I’ll add that to the long list of bad decisions Hasbro has made in recent years. Having said that, as an homage to the original, he is very faithful, so there is that.

Work Mode: Metroplex’s work mode is an improvement over the original. The original’s weapon could not split in two, and I never really saw the point of it’s third mode. It still looks weird.

Robot Mode: In robot mode he’s big and weirdly tall. His weapon is so heavy he can barely hold it standing up straight, and he’s not much more stable with it on his back. His weapon needed to be lighter.

Overall: This toy does not in any way excite me. If they want to do more Titan Class toys, how about an improved Omega Supreme. Good as he was he could have been better. How about a Metrotitan, as long as they improve the god awful G1 Metroplex mold. How about a Predaking where they actually try to make the individual team members not suck, a G2 Menasor from the new mold, or a Combiner Wars Guard City that I’m still waiting for. Cybertron was fun then, but I find the designs too weird to bother with making giant toys of them.

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  1. ian gregory says:

    An honest review as always!

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